William & Mary

Book Announcement

Faced with a clear need and concern for public infrastructure in the United States and other countries and the resistance of taxpayers to increased taxes and debt to finance these infrastructure, Herrington J. Bryce has written Nonprofits as a Policy Solution to the Burden of Government which was just released by de Gruyter in January 2017.  The book encourages the utilization of nonprofits to plan, finance, and provide infrastructure services ranging from parks to ports, transportation to environmental protection and enjoyment, schools to hospitals where the principal motive is not our traditional views of charities but to do so with less dependence on government. Bryce shows that nonprofits can be efficient and equitable in this mission. He then posits the essential organizational design elements upon which such organizations must be created to make them successful and to relieve their dependence on government.  He shows that all of these elements are consistent with current tax and nonprofit laws and demonstrable in very large and small projects. But Bryce warns that in management these nonprofits can be highly susceptible to corruption and self-dealing because their boards must almost always reflect persons of risk and of interest. For this reason, he enumerates ways to mitigate this risk.   Bryce is Life of Virginia Professor of Business Administration in the Raymond Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary and an affiliate of the College’s Public Policy Program.  His earlier book, Players in the Public Policy Process:  Nonprofits as Social Capital and Agents was given the Charles Levine Book Award for innovation by the International Political Science Association.   Bryce has had extensive experience in federal, state and local policies concerning the issuing and financing of infrastructure debt and various aspects of economic development and was also a former Brookings Economics Policy Fellow in addition to IOP and a member of the Treasury Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia which issued and monitored state debt.