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Policy Research Project cited in Nate Silver's NYTimes political blog

prs_aedThe PRS project "The Economic Impact and Financing of Infrastructure Spending" prepared for Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) by MPPers, Isabelle Cohen, Thomas Freiling and Eric Robinson is cited in the third to last paragraph of  NYTimes Nate Silver's article:

"And on a political level, cuts to entitlement programs are liable to be more noticeable to individual voters than cuts to things like infrastructure spending. A 10 percent cut to Social Security or Medicare benefits will surely draw the ire of voters. A 10 percent reduction in the amount allocated to bridge repair, or in the amount of government-sponsored energy research, will affect individual citizens less directly (even if they are perhaps ultimately more economically damaging: most of the academic literature is supportive of high long-run returns to infrastructure and research and development spending on private-sector productivity and economic growth)."