2010-11 Archive

W&M experts weigh in on the economy

Business, law and government faculty shared their views on the state of the economy for the fourth annual Economy Forum. All five professors agreed the recovery will take more time.

Sarah Stafford
Four New Law Professors Bring Intellectual Diversity to Classroom and Community

After two successful hiring seasons, William & Mary Law School welcomed four new full-time professors to its ranks in 2010 and 2011. Sarah L. Stafford joined the law school as the Paul R. Verkuil Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Economics and Law, a joint appointment between the Law School and the Department of Economics.

Let's Move!

“Our students come here looking for opportunities to discover new things and to work closely with faculty and share ideas. The SHIP project helps give them that,” says Professor Mellor.

Ronald Reagan and the prickly art of compromise

A compromise between Democrats and Republicans would help avert the confrontation looming over the budget. In the current atmosphere, however, compromise is seen as a sell-out, not a crucial element of governing. Tea Party adherents admire Ronald Reagan and scorn compromise, but Reagan understood the need for compromise.

'Collision Course': Manna on No Child Left Behind

In his new book "Collision Course: Federal Education Policy Meets State and Local Realities," Paul Manna details the successes and failures of No Child Left Behind.

Archibald and Feldman: Why college costs so much

For the majority of Americans, higher education is more affordable today than it was a decade ago, according to Robert Archibald and David Feldman, professors of economics and public policy at William & Mary.

Governor announces appointments to William & Mary Board of Visitors

L. Clifford Schroeder, Sr. HON '08, Edward L. Flippen M.B.A. '67, J.D. '74, and Laura L. Flippin '92 have been appointed to William & Mary's Board of Visitors, Gov. Robert F. McDonnell announced Thursday. Additionally, Charles A. Banks III HON '05 has been reappointed to a second term on the College's governing body.

Fast food proximity weighs on obesity

That's one finding in a new study by the Schroeder Center for Health Policy at the College of William & Mary.

Who's helped, who's hurt

Lou Rossiter is a research professor at the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy at the College of William & Mary. He is former Secretary of Health and Human Resources for Virginia and has written a book on Medicare reform.