William & Mary

Policy Dialogue in DC "Shaping American Military and Diplomatic Power for the 21st Century"

Given the high-level positions of our two distinguished guests, the speakers engaged the group in a surprisingly informal conversation about American foreign policy. Mr. Wilkerson supplied many invaluable insights about the current role of American power in the world through personal stories. His rich personal experience associating with many of the principal actors in the American foreign policy circle provided a unique and invaluable window into the decision-making process of our government. His anecdotes forced us to question the efficacy of current governmental institutions toward 21st century problems in foreign policy. 

Mr. Feigenbaum fielded questions about policies concerning China and Central Asian countries. When asked potentially controversial questions, he emphasized the point that the State Department formulates foreign policy and not specific policies centered on singular issues that are removed from the organic, dynamic relationship that exists between America and any nation. 

The students, at the end of the session, were complimented on the rigor of their questions.