William & Mary

"Can the Anchor Hold?: Rethinking the United Nations Environment Programme for the 21st Century" by Maria Ivanova, Professor of Government and Public Policy

This publication assesses the performance of UNEP as the mandated anchor institution for the global environment. The Anchorreport takes a look at UNEP's performance in regards to key functions that are necessary for an effective international environmental organization and offers policy recommendations for governments, UNEP, and the UN Secretary-General on steps for reform.

Published in time for the historic UN General Assembly / 2005 World Summit, this report aims to reinvigorate the debate on the architecture of global environmental governance in the context of larger UN reform discussions.

Maria Ivanova is a professor in the Department of Government and is affiliated with the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy at the College of William and Mary.  She teaches International Environmental Science and Policy in the Fall and Climate Change: Science, Policy and Law in the Spring.