Schroeder Health Policy Fellowship


The Schroeder Health Policy Fellowship consists of a graduate assistantship and is open to first and second year public policy graduate students with an active interest in health policy. Students interested in the Schroeder Health Policy Fellowship should indicate their focus on health policy in their statement of purpose on the admissions application. To make a decision for the awards, a faculty committee reviews the applications, considers good academic standing as well as past and planned course work in health policy and assignment to a health policy or social policy project in the Policy Research Seminar.

Students awarded this fellowship are expected to continue to demonstrate their interest in health policy by actively participating in Schroeder Center activities involving health policy.  Students are also encouraged to include a designation as having received a "Fellowship, Schroeder Center for Health Policy" on their resumes.

Past Schroeder Fellows:

John Snouffer
Siyu "Irene" Wang

Jacob Dominy
Albert Strubler
Emily Uselton

Ashley Gray
Emily Uselton

Emily Grimes
Jessica Percic 

Jeremie Amoroso
Emily Grimes

Jeremie Amoroso
Amy Haldeman
JiaLu Li 

Mark Adelsberg
Michelle Beasley
Hannah Vargason
Michelle Beasley
Amy Haldeman
Cynthia Lee
Ellen Li
Stefanie Whorton 

Cory Kaufman
Geoff Peck
David Sitcovsky
Massey Whorley
Stefanie Whorton

Joanna Condor
Amanda Elkin
Gwen Kennedy
Sara Okos
Massey Whorley

Andrew Shaw
Christopher Watson
Lara Whittaker
Michael Zose

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer M. Mellor, Ph.D.
Director, Schroeder Center for Health Policy
Class of 1955 Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics

The College of William & Mary
P.O. Box 8795, 141A Morton Hall
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795
Office Telephone: 757-221-1913
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