Newsletter Spring 2012

Dear W&M Psychology Department Alumni,

Wediko Summer in New Hampshire

We hope you are doing well.  In Williamsburg, we are enjoying incredible Spring (more like Summer) weather.  Here you will find three very diverse articles that we hope you will find interesting.

Service at Wediko a "Life-Changing Experience" for Psychology Students

Over the years a number of you have had life- and career-changing experiences interning at Wediko Summer program, the residential program for boys and girls in New Hampshire. We talked to some current students about their time at Wediko, and how it how it helped to shape and focus their career goals.

Success as an Author: Interview with Professor Michael Nichols

Professor Michael P. NicholsRecently a book jacket--titled with Japanese characters and illustrated with two fish blowing bubbles at each other--posted outside of Psychology Professor Nichols' office caught the eye of Professor Stevens. She decided to interview him about his remarkable successes as a published author.

Undergraduate Honors Theses: A Way to Learn the Process of Research and Gain Direct Experience

We've posted news about this year's undergraduate Honors students, and the role of student research generally in the academic development of our students.