Courses that Meet GERs

Core classes that satisfy GERs are listed below. Topics classes, which change each semester, can also satisfy GERs. Current students can consult the class search function in Banner Self Service to get the latest information.

Note that the printed Undergraduate Course Catalog is the official document governing all courses, including those designated as GER courses. Also, Psyc 201 and/or Psyc 202 are prerequisites for all other courses in Psychology, and 400+ level courses may have other prerequisites.

GER 1. Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning

Psyc 301, Elementary Statistics

GER 2B. Biological Sciences

Psyc 201, Introduction to Psychology as a Natural Science
Psyc 313, Physiological Psychology

GER 3. Social Sciences

Psyc 202, Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science
Psyc 305, Sexuality
Psyc 306, Health Psychology
Psyc 310, Developmental Psychology
Psyc 318, Abnormal Psychology
Psyc 442, Psychology of Decision Making

Please view the course catalog for full descriptions of the above courses.