William & Mary

Psychology Welcomes New Faculty Member

Prof. Joanna SchugThe Psychology Department is pleased to announce the hiring of a new faculty member,  Joanna Schug, beginning August 2011-12.  Joanna’s area of expertise and interest is cross-cultural psychology. She is an experienced instructor and active scholar who will be teaching courses in Social Psychology and Cross-cultural psychology next Fall.  We look forward to welcoming Joanna in August. Her background and interests are  summarized below.

Joanna Schug is a recent graduate from the Department of Behavioral Science at Hokkaido University (Japan), where she studied cross-cultural psychology with an emphasis on the impact of culture on interpersonal interactions and close relationships. As an American who has spent a good portion of her life living in a different culture and is fluent in Japanese, she is uniquely poised to understand the complexities of the influence of culture on behavior. Her research and teaching takes a socio-ecological approach to culture, by seeking to examine how many cultural differences in psychological tendencies can be understood as strategies adapted to specific types of social environments prevalent in different societies.

Joanna is looking forward to joining the faculty at the Psychology Department at the College of William and Mary and working in collaboration with students to continue her active research and teaching in cross cultural psychology.