Research Interests

Our  Research Mission and Goals

The Psychological Sciences Department conducts and disseminates quality research advancing knowledge in the psychological sciences. We attract and support faculty members who are recognized worldwide for excellence in their research. In addition, our faculty mentor students in laboratory and applied research throughout their undergraduate and graduate programs to facilitate an integrative appreciation of theory, research, and application and their growth as student scholars.

Our Research Interests

The breadth of our faculty research areas reflects both contemporary and cutting edge perspectives in psychology and provides a wide range of research and learning opportunities for students. As a Department, our research and teaching interests span the areas of

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research

Many Psychological Sciences undergraduates who are introduced to one of these research areas in the classroom further extend their experience by enrolling in directed readings, participating in independent research, or volunteering as a research assistant with faculty. Through collaborations with faculty members, many students additionally conduct departmental Honors thesis projects, present their research at scholarly conferences, and serve as co-authors on peer-reviewed journal article publications

Students in our M.A. program become involved in research early in their graduate career. These students work closely with faculty mentors in developing both independent and collaborative research projects in which they develop, improve, and hone their research, grant writing, and scholarly skills. The amount and quality of work our M.A. students achieve is impressive, as evidenced by the highly selective programs many of them are admitted into and choose for their subsequent doctoral work after graduation.