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2014 Commencement

  • William P. Adams
    William P. Adams  BS-PHYS, Advisor: William Cooke “Design and Construction of a Filamentous Algae Harvester Prototype.” Hoping to attend the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA.  
  • John E. Anderson
    John E. Anderson  BS-PHYS, Advisor: Wouter Deconinck “Simulations for the SoLID Detector.” Not yet determined.  
  • David R. Beverstock
    David R. Beverstock  BS-PHYS, Advisor: D. Chris Benner “Algorithms for Fast and Accurate Evaluation of Speed Dependent Spectral Line Shapes.” Not yet determined.  
  • Harrison A. Cantor-Cooke
    Harrison A. Cantor-Cooke  BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin “Construction of an Agile Controllable Radio Frequency Source.” Firmware Engineer, Tesla Palo Alto, CA.  
  • Jesse C. Evans
    Jesse C. Evans  Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova “Implementation and Evaluation of Four Wave Mixing in Optical Gyroscopes.” Ph.D. in Physics Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH.  
  • Joshua C. Hill
    Joshua C. Hill  BS-PHYS Advisor: Todd Averett “Measurement of the Frequency Shift Parameter 6­0 in Spin-Polarized K-3He Collisions.” Ph.D in Applied Physics, Rice University, Houston, TX.  
  • Nicholas J. Gheorghita
    Nicholas J. Gheorghita  BS-FIN/PHYS Advisor: William Cooke “Material Analysis & Design Considerations Towards an Economic Water Filtration Prototype for Developing Countries.” Not yet determined.  
  • Jennifer M. Hays
    Jennifer M. Hays  Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Christopher Carone "Collider Signals in Bosonic Technicolor." - Ph.D in School of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.  
  • Arlough J. Hollingshad
    Arlough J. Hollingshad  Honors/BS-PHYS Advisor: Mumtaz Qazilbash “Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Cryogenic Capability.” Technical Specialist, Epic Systems Corporation, Madison, WI.  
  • Gunhee Lee
    Gunhee Lee  Honors, BS-PHYS/MATH Advisor: Seth Aubin “Fleshbach Resonances in Ultracold Atoms.” Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.  
  • Anne C. Mennen
    Anne C. Mennen  Honors, PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor: Gina Hoatson “Investigating The Use Of Quadrupolar Nuclei for NMR-Based Quantum Information Processing.” Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  
  • Timothy W. Milbourne
    Timothy W. Milbourne  Honors, PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor: Gina Hoatson “Investigating The Use Of Quadrupolar Nuclei for NMR-Based Quantum Information Processing.” Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  
  • Nicholas E. Penthorn
    Nicholas E. Penthorn  Honors, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Todd Averett “Precision Polarimetry of Polarized 3He.” Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, Los Angeles, CA.  
  • Joseph A. Scholle
    Joseph A. Scholle  BS-PHYS, Advisor: Irina Novikova “Electromagnetically Induced Transparency.” Not yet determined.  
  • Rachel C. Taverner
    Rachel C. Taverner  Honors, PBK, BS-PHYS Advisor:Wouter Deconinck “Determination and Simulation of Kinematic Parameters in the Qweak Experiment.” Ph.D. in Physics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.  
  • Elana K. Urbach
    Elana K. Urbach  Honors, PBK, BS-PHYS, Advisor: Seth Aubin “Development of an Ultracold Rubidium-85 System for Magnetic Molecules and Fleshback Physics” Ph.D. in Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.  
  • Sara D. Williams
    Sara D. Williams  Honors, BS-PHYS Advisors: Mark Patterson & William Cooke “Using an Electrical Network Model to Simulate Gas Flux in Perforate and Imperforate Corals: Calculating the Time Constant of Mixing in Gastrovascular Fluid Compartments.” Research Technician, Marine Science Center, Northeastern University, Nahant, MA.  
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Physics department honored the 2014 graduating class during the commencement ceremony, held on a bright and sunny day of May 11, 2014. Faculty and family members gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of 17 graduates, who received their Bachelor of Science in physics. The commencement speech was delivered by Prof. Patricia Vahle, who encourage the graduates to be creative and inquisitive, not to be afraid to try new paths, and always to serve as ambassadors of science.

Completed Seniors Theses

During this year’s ceremony we also recognized those students who particularly distinguished themselves during past academic year.  This year, three graduating seniors and two juniors received awards for their academic and research achievements.  You can see all our award winners at our Undergraduate Awards page.

We also recognized the recipients of advance degrees:  14 students received a Masters of Science in physics.  Another 17 students received (or will soon receive) there Ph.D. degrees.  See our Graduate Studies page for the full list of Ph.D. candidates and dissertation topics.

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