William & Mary

Undergraduates win Gold and Bronze

William and Mary has won gold and bronze metals in the 2010 International University Physics Competition. Three-person teams of undergraduates from places as far flung as Hong Kong, Rome and Venezuela competed for gold during a weekend in November. They worked for 48 hours at their home institutions, analyzing one of two real-world scenarios using the principles of physics, and writing a formal paper describing their work.

The two W&M medal-winning teams chose the problemspacecraft884 "Aerobraking a Space Probe at Neptune." Winning Gold (1st out of 31) were team members Ari Cukierman (Physics, '12), Olivia Walch (Math, '11) and Dian Yang (Math, '11, with faculty advisor Christopher Carone (Physics).

Winning Bronze (9th out of 31) were team members Kevin Cox (Physics, '11), Ron Wilcox (Physics, '11) and David Gribbin (Physics, '11), with faculty advisor Irina Novikova (Physics).

Cited as Accomplished Competitors were Wyatt Meldman-Floch, James Janopaul-Naylor and Alex Bliss with faculty advisor Novikova, who chose the problem "Trebuchet: The Dynamics of a Medieval Siege Engine."

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