William & Mary

Physics Research in the News

♦Jonathan Skuza, graduate student, won first place  for his poster presentation at the AVS Mid-Atlantic chapter meeting held at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD on July 21st.

♦MINOS makes the BBC news

♦On June 15th,  in Athens Greece at the International Neutrino Conference, Professor Vahle revealed the new results from the MINOS experiment this morning.  Along with Professor Vahle, Professors Kordosky and Nelson and grad student, Stephen Coleman  work on MINOS. Article about research in USA Today.

More from the International Neutrino Conference being held in Greece.

MENU 2010 was held at the College of William and Mary the first week of June.  Professors Armstrong and Detmold were part of the organizing committee.  Story in W&M Ideation.

♦Neutrino Results, progress from annual Fermilab Users' Meeting.  Dr. Joseph Walding, College of William and Mary, delivers a lecture on new results from the SciBooNe and MiniBooNE experiments.

♦Research on the Periodic Heart Rate Decelerations in Premature Infants. The work was carried out by Abigail Flower, as part of her PhD thesis in biophysics, working together with Randall Moorman and Douglas Lake at the University of Virginia, and John Delos, at the College of William and Mary   Read about it in the E! Science News.

Building a Better Bomb Sniffer. A team of scientists led byProfessor Ale Lukaszew has been tapped by a U.S. government agency to pursue an avenue of scientific inquiry that is expected to lead to the development of a new line of devices to detect weapons of mass destruction.