William & Mary

Physics Graduation Ceremony 2010

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when the faculty, graduates, and their families came together to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class.  We had 14 graduates receiving their Bachelor of Science Degree  from William and Mary.  Professor Griffioen

Professor Griffioen, Chair of the Department, gave the opening remarks.  He talked about the awards  our students had received this year.  He remarked  about the department's achievements and the different kinds of research our department's faculty, along with their students,  are involved in.  He recognized the Masters and PhD recipients.

ErlichThen he introduced Professor Erlich who regaled us with his words for the graduating class.   Afterwards, Professors Erlich and Griffioen bestowed the long  awaited diplomas to the graduating class of 2010, as parents captured the moment on film.  

grad  grad5  grad7  faculty  class 2010 signsign  Professor Orginos