William & Mary

NSF Fellowship Awarded

Fran Fornasini

Congratulations to Francesca Fornasini for winning this prestigious National Science Foundation Fellowship for gradaute study in Astrophysics, which puts her in an elite class of  beginning graduate students nationally.

Commenting on the  award, Francesca remarks, "I am  really grateful to the William & Mary Physics Department, especially the faculty that have taught me and given me opportunities to be involved in their research from my freshman year until now; I owe much of my success to their brilliance, their willingness to give of their time, their ability to challenge me and support me in the right amounts, and their own passion and wonder for what they teach and research.  I am really excited to start studying astronomy and astrophysics next year and grateful for the opportunities that the NSF Fellowship will open up to me, because I will be able to work with any advisor on any project I become interested in.  Berkeley has also offered me a Berkeley Fellowship, which added to the three-year NSF Fellowship, means that my first five years of graduate study are completely covered."