William & Mary

Department of Physics Alumni Award

Douglas Dean (right) with Karen Cottrell and Dave ArmstrongDouglas Dean was this year's recipient of the Alumni Prize for undergraduate research in Physics. Doug did his honors research in experimental nuclear physics under the supervision of Prof. David Armstrong. The title of Doug's thesis is "Construction, Testing, and Characterization of Vertical Drift Chambers for Qweak."

Doug's project involved the fabrication and testing of large, precision particle detectors (known as vertical drift chambers) that will be used in an upcoming high-profile nuclear physics experiment at Jefferson Lab, the Qweak experiment. This experiment will make a very accurate measurement of the weak charge of the proton, which will act as a sensitive search for possible new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

Doug has been admitted to the PhD program in Engineering at Brown University, where he will be conducting research in medical imaging physics.