William & Mary

2010 Undergraduate Symposium

Several of our undergrads participated in the 2010 UG Symposium.

Oral Presentations:

Ryan Zielinski:  Testing of Q-Weak's Multiplexing Electronics

Justin Vazquez:  RHEED Image Analysis for Use in Niobium Oxidation and Thin Film Growth Studies

Francesca Fornasini:  Four-Wave Mixing for Ultra-Cold Atom Imaging

Poster Presentions:

Brian Richards: Frequency Space Measurement of the Spectrum of a Mode-Locked Diode Laser

Kevin Cox:   Magnetic Imaging with Rb VaporOther 

Charlotte Reeves:  A Method of Producing Graphene via Mechanical Exfoliation

Thomas Wallin:  The Effects of Functionalized Graphene Sheets on the Mechanical Properties of a Polymer