William & Mary

Renovation of Small Hall

Small Hall RenderingBuilt in 1964, a construction project to renovate Small Hall is well underway. The building houses major lecture halls, smaller classrooms, instructional laboratories, research laboratories and an observatory on the roof.

This project will be the first renovation of this 1964 facility. Renovation will include structural concerns, replacement of the HVAC, modification of the electrical system, technical, security and safety upgrades, wiring for a computer network, removal of hazardous materials, replacement of compressed air system and improved handicapped accessibility.

Here are some summary details about the project and our progress toward a much-improved research and teaching space for the Physics department.

  • Cost: $ 16.39-million
  • Fund Source: General Fund and GOB/VCBA
  • Renovation GSF: 65,467
  • Start Date: Fall 2008 (Phase 1 - addition), January 2010 (Phase 2 - renovation)
  • Finish Date: December 2009 (Phase 1 - addition), December 2010 (Phase 2 - renovation)
  • Design Team: Burt Hill
  • Contractor: W.M. Jordan

Utility work is 95% complete.  New utilities are being routed through the existing building as needed.  Lab wing foundation and basement walls are complete.  Construction started in December 2008 for the new lab addition and high bay assembly space will complete in December 2009. The renovation will be underway by January 2010, for completion in Feb 2011. The project is on schedule. In addition, equipment funding for the project was recommended by the Governor and approved by the 2009 General Assembly.

Building Committee

Mark Brabham, Project Manager
Anna Martin, Vice President, Administration
Bob Dillman, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Wayne Boy, Associate Director of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction
Dave Shepard, Associate DIrector of Facilities Management
Joe Martinez, Deputy Director of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction
Martha Sheets, Senior Planner
Lynda Butler, Vice Dean and Chancellor, School of Law
Carl Strikwerda, Dean, Arts and Sciences
Keith Griffioen, Chair/Professor, Physics
Eric Bradley, Chair/Professor, Applied Science
David Armstrong, Professor, Physics
Bernadette Kulas, Program Manager, Applied Research Center (Assistant to the Vice President)