2005-08 Archive

Renovation of Small Hall

This building project is the first renovation of this 1964 facility.

Waiting for the hadrons to collide

William and Mary's theoretical physicists are anticipating the arrival of data that just may prove them wrong.

Physics grad named Outstanding Scientist

M. Patrick McCormick, who received his doctorate in physics from the College in 1967, has been named a Virginia Outstanding Scientist for 2007 by the governor's office and the Science Museum of Virginia.

Welsh's Enigma: A cryptological collection

Robert Welsh approaches the inner workings of the notorious German Enigma machine with the same innate curiosity that drove him as a young boy to disassemble assorted gizmos to see how they functioned.

Chaloupka: Why physics at William and Mary?

Jan Chaloupka, assistant professor of physics, recently delivered remarks during the commencement ceremony of the physics department. We asked if he would write a piece for the News based on that speech. The following essay is the result. —Ed.

Physics Department Commencement Address

When Professor Griffieon asked me to deliver a speech at the physics department commencement ceremony, I was, I admit, a bit hesitant.

A new face for physics Graduate student helps to shed stereotype

Physicists have a problem. They are stuck with a stereotype. In this, the World Year of Physics 2005, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the creation of three seminal papers by one of the most vibrant, engaging and admired personalities of his century, Albert Einstein, the image of physicists has deteriorated.

Accelerating: The College and J-Lab

Nuclear physics research isn’t much different from a good game of pool. When the cue ball slams into the racked game balls, they scatter, knocking into each other and colliding with the edges of the table.