Directed Readings in Philosophy

PHIL 341, 342


Directed Readings in Philosophy is designed to enable a student to pursue a subject matter beyond the level at which it is covered in our regular course offerings. Moreover, this course provides students with an opportunity for independent study under the direction of a member of the Department.

Prerequisites and Procedures

To accomplish the above-mentioned purposes, (1) the student must have exhausted the course offerings in the area he or she wishes to study; (2) the student must submit a brief proposal (including suggested bibliography) to the Department; (3) the student must submit a list of philosophy courses taken and currently being taken, with the grades received; (4) the proposal for the following semester should be submitted prior to the registration period for that semester.* In unusual circumstances, proposals may be submitted as late as the end of the first week of the semester in which the student intends to take the course. The later the date of application, however, the less likely the faculty will be able to accommodate the student; and (5) the Department must approve the proposal prior to the student's registering for the course.

Course Requirements

The formal requirements of the course (readings, exams and/or papers, etc.) shall be determined by the instructor in consultation with the student. They shall be specified, along with the proposed credit to be earned, in the student's written application to the Department.

*Since the student's registration is not final until the Department approves his or her application, the student should also register for some other course in case approval for Directed Readings is not granted.