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Elizabeth S. Radcliffe


Office: James Blair 134
Email: [[eradcliffe]]
Dept. Office Phone: 757-221-2716
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Research Interests

Radcliffe's areas of special interest include early modern philosophy, especially Hume and his contemporaries; moral philosophy and metaethics; and action theory and motivational psychology.


Elizabeth S. Radcliffe received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Cornell University. Before coming to The College of William and Mary, she was Professor of Philosophy at Santa Clara University. Professor Radcliffe’s publications have appeared in many philosophy journals and collections. She is author of Hume, Passion, and Action (Oxford University Press, 2018); editor of A Companion to Hume (Blackwell, 2008); and co-editor of Late Modern Philosophy: Essential Readings with Commentary (Blackwell, 2007).

Radcliffe currently serves on the editorial boards of Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy and the Journal of the History of Philosophy. She was co-editor of the journal Hume Studies, with Kenneth Winkler, from 2000-2005, and is past President of The Hume Society. Radcliffe has been the recipient of two NEH Research Fellowships and an NEH Summer Stipend.

Professor Radcliffe’s teaching interests include ethics, early modern philosophy, and the relation between emotion and value. She has served as Chair of the Philosophy Departments at both Santa Clara University and William & Mary.