Semester-in-Residence Program

A Special Educational Program from the National Institute of American History and Democracy at the College of William & Mary in conjunction with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

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Sponsored by the National Institute of American History and Democracy (NIAHD), a joint project of the College of William & Mary and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the Williamsburg Semester-in-Residence Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to early America stressing the use of historic places as a means of understanding the past.

The program is available to undergraduates in any major, as well as to graduate and professional students, at colleges and universities world-wide who would like to spend either a fall or a spring semester in residence at the College of William & Mary, one of the country's most distinguished institutions of higher education. Semester-in-Residence students can join with William & Mary students to take advantage of the numerous, outstanding  museums and historic sites in and around Williamsburg including the highly renowned Colonial Williamsburg. 

Semester Studenta and Library Exhibit

The Chesapeake Region as a Resource

The town of Williamsburg is a remarkable presentation of life in the "old colonial capital," including the historic campus of the College of William & Mary, where the 1695 Wren Building is the oldest academic building in the United States still in active use. Beyond Williamsburg, no region is so blessed with historic places relevant to the colonial and Revolutionary history of the United States as is the Chesapeake. From nearby Jamestown Island to Yorktown Battlefield, museums, archaeological projects, and historic structures and landscapes abound. The Semester-in-Residence Program makes use of all of these resources to teach students about life in America during the seventeenth, eighteenth, and early nineteenth centuries.