Student Testimonials

Here is what international students had to say about their experience during the W&M Pre-College Summer Program:
Mike, South Korea

Pre-Col 2017, HIST 217

"It would take me two words to sum up my experience in NIAHD: Loved it. Going in as an international student, I was initially really scared of making friends and fitting in. The first few days were a bit tough for me because I was still awkward with the people around me and was basically a walking zombie because of jet lag. But once I got over the first three days, NIAHD became one of the greatest experiences I had in my life. I made new friends, I got to go on cool field trips, and got to experience being a college student in the US. The best thing about NIAHD is that it opens you up to a variety of experiences. First of all, you get to go to the places where history actually took place. You get to stand on the grounds where Pocahontas and John Rolfe got married and then you get to discuss what you learned with a group of equally dedicated and interested students your age. How cool is that. I would definitely recommend NIAHD to any international student who is interested in history or interested in experiencing America. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Cottrell, United Kingdom

Pre-Col 2017, HIST 218

"There were a number of reasons I chose to participate in the summer program. Mainly it was because I am very interested in History, especially American History, which is not offered at my school in England. More than that, the idea of visiting the historical sites that I had read about and then incorporating them into a series of analytical essays appealed to me. Overall I had a great experience at NIAHD but the most memorable moment was visiting Hollywood cemetery. There are a number of interesting features within the cemetery such as Monroe’s grave. However, what made it stand out in my mind was its truly beautiful setting overlooking the James river.

"As an international student, the advice I would give is do not worry if you have not studied any American History before. Most of the work is based off of readings done in and out of class as well as the trips. If you enjoyed and were good at the history you studied at school, coming in with no previous knowledge of American History will not be an issue.

"I benefited greatly from the program in a number of ways. Of course it gave me knowledge of period and country specific history that otherwise I would not have. It also gave me the opportunity to get a feeling for William and Mary as a college and whether or not it would be a school I would want to apply to. Most importantly it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and allowed me to meet other people who are interested in history.  I highly recommend the program no matter what country you are applying from."

Pre-Col student taking a selfie with tour guide at St. John's Church