Financial Considerations

For International Students

Cost for Summer 2019 - $4,200

Payment deadlines are provided upon acceptance.  The cost of the program covers:

  • Tuition and fees for 4 hours of academic credit
  • Room and board
  • Admission on all class-related site visits
  • All required readings and course materials
International Student Fee - $200

Any non-U.S. citizen attending the program is required to pay the International Student Fee of $200 USD.  This fee covers additional administrative expenses as well as shuttle fees for transportation to/from Richmond International Airport and Newport News/Williamsburg Airport.  

Additional Fees

Some services are not included in the cost of the program.  Click on the headings to learn more about each of these services.

 SEVIS Fee - $200

Before applying for your F-1 visa, you must pay a SEVIS Fee of $200 USD.  This fee is paid to the U.S. government, not W&M or NIAHD.  You can pay this electronically or by mail, but payment must be received at least 3 days before the visa interview, or for Bermudan or Canadian citizens, 3 days before you enter the U.S.  Visit the Reves Center website for information on how to pay the SEVIS Fee.

Student Recreational Center (Gym & Fitness Center) - $25

Any student wishing to use the W&M Student Recreation Center during their stay on campus will need to pay an additional fee of $25.  Payment should be made in person at the front desk of the Rec Center after you have checked-in with NIAHD.

Use of the Rec Center by NIAHD’s Pre-College students is limited to select recreational facilities.  For a list of approved equipment and facilities, review the Pre-College Rec Center Policy.

Student Health Center – Costs vary

In the event a student becomes ill or injured NIAHD staff will take them to the W&M Student Health Center for treatment.  The Student Health Center is NOT a free service.  Fees associated with use of this facility include: visitation fees, physician fees, and additional charges for lab tests, prescriptions, medical supplies, surgical procedures, etc.

Students/parents will be expected to cover any fees and charges that are not covered by your personal health insurance provider.  Payments are made directly to the Student Health Center.  Review the Student Health Center Policy for more details.

 Replacement Tribe Cards - $23

If a student loses their W&M Tribe Card and needs to purchase a replacement, the cost is $23 paid directly to the Tribe Card Services Office.  Tribe Cards are needed during the program for gaining access to the dorm and getting meals in the dining hall.

Replacement Room Keys - $55    

There is a $55 replacement fee for any room key that is not turned in at the end of the program.  For security, students should report lost keys immediately, but they should also be prepared to pay the $55 replacement fee.  New room keys will be issued after the locks on the door have been changed, and students will receive a bill from the College of William & Mary.