NIAHD Shuttle Service

Information for domestic travelers

This page is intended for US residents traveling within the US.  International students traveling from overseas should view the information about traveling abroad.

NIAHD can provide shuttle transportation to/from select airports and train stations for an additional fee.  The airports and train stations serviced by NIAHD's shuttles are listed below.  If you choose to arrive at any airport not listed below, NIAHD will not provide or arrange shuttle transportation for you.  You must arrange it on your own.

Richmond International Airport
  • Airport Code: RIC
  • 47 miles from campus
  • Fee: $15 one-way/$30 roundtrip
Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport
  • Airport Code: PHF
  • 20 miles from campus
  • Fee: $8 one-way/$16 roundtrip
Williamsburg Train Station
  • Station Code: WBG
  • 1 mile from dorm
  • Fee: No charge
Requesting NIAHD Shuttle Service

To request pick-up or drop-off via NIAHD's shuttles, simply fill out the NIAHD Shuttle Request form and return it to the NIAHD office along with payment and the Student Transportation Form

Requests for shuttle service must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of your travel plans to guarantee that a shuttle will be available.

Shuttles will be scheduled based off the information provided on the Student Transportation Form.  Please note that NIAHD's shuttles operate in a narrow timeframe.  Students whose flights arrive/depart outside of these time frames will have to wait at the airport.

Shuttle Schedule

Times listed are when shuttles will pick-up or drop-off at each location.  


Arrival Day

(June 24 or July 15)

Departure Day

(July 14 or Aug 4)

 Richmond International Airport


Pick-up Hours:

11:00am - 3:00pm

Drop-off Hours:


 Newport News/Williamsburg Airport


11:00am - 3:30pm


Williamsburg Train Station


11:00am - 3:30pm


[[precol,Contact NIAHD]] if you need any questions about shuttle transportation.

Other Considerations
  • Washington, DC: Flights are generally cheaper to DC, but public transportation from DC to Williamsburg is minimal. It can be expensive and complicated to travel from DC to Williamsburg, so you may want to consider flying into Richmond International Airport.
  • Packing/Shipping Dorm Necessities: Students must provide all of their own blankets, towels, and sheets.  Traveling with linens and clothes for three weeks can be difficult and expensive.  An alternative to packing dorm items would be to ship items directly to NIAHD's office the week before your session start date.  Items delivered to NIAHD's office will be taken directly to the dorm.  Students will not have to transport them on their own.  Email [[precol,NIAHD]] if you would like more information about shipping items.
  • NIAHD at the Airport: NIAHD staff will meet arrivals in the baggage claim area.  They will be holding green signs with your name on it.  If you do not see a representative right away, remain calm.  They will be there as soon as possible.  Continue to wait in the baggage claim area until they find you.
  • Travel Delays: Contact NIAHD immediately if you experience any travel delays.  We will adjust shuttles and staffing at the dorm as needed to accommodate unexpected delays.