Traveling to W&M

Planning your trip

NIAHD is pleased to admit students from all over the world.  Students will need to make their own travel arrangements to get to campus.  Before making any travel arrangements please refer to the pages below and contact [[precol,NIAHD]] if you have any questions.

Check-in / Move-in

All students report to Randolph Complex (500 Ukrop Way) for check-in.  

Residential Program Assistants (RPAs), who will be living with you in the dorms, will guide you through the check-in process and provide you with everything you need to access the building and your dorm room.  

*All students must be on campus and checked-in by 4:00pm on Sunday.*

Check-out / Move-out

Classes will be in session until the last Friday of the program.  Students are expected to attend every class meeting.  Part of the student's final grade is attendance and participation.

The last day of the program (Saturday) is reserved for moving out. Each student must complete check-out procedures with their RPAs before leaving, removing all trash, returning keys and borrowed equipment, and leaving their room in the same condition that existed when the student moved in.

*Residence halls must be cleared of all students by 10:00am on Saturday.*  There are no other scheduled activities that day.

Check-out procedures can take some time, so students and parents should plan accordingly.

Closing Ceremony

NIAHD closes out every Pre-College Program session with a short ceremony on the last Friday of the program.  The ceremony is held in the evening and is immediately followed by a small reception.  The ceremony usually begins at 7:00pm and will be located on W&M campus.  Parents and siblings are invited to attend.

Closing Ceremony is the last formal activity of the program.  As such, it is possible for parents to check students out early, and move them out of the dorm after the ceremony.  Contact [[precol,NIAHD]] if you would like to make arrangements for any early check-out.