Departure Day/Checking-Out

Departure Day is the last Saturday of the program.  This day is reserved for check-out and departure only with no other activities scheduled.  


Each student must complete check-out procedures with their Residential Program Assistants (RPAs) before leaving, removing all trash, returning keys and borrowed equipment, and leaving their room in the same condition that existed when the student moved in.

*Pleasants Hall must be cleared of all students by 10:00am on Departure Day.*

Check-out procedures can take some time, so students and parents should plan accordingly.

Check-Out Times
Session 1 Session 2

Friday, July 13

Contact [[precol,NIAHD]]

Friday, August 3

Contact [[precol,NIAHD]]

Saturday, July 14


Saturday, August 4



Student meal plans end with breakfast on Departure Day.  If a student's flight/train leaves in the afternoon or evening, they will need to have money to purchase lunch and/or dinner that day.

Closing Ceremony

NIAHD closes out every Pre-College Program session with a short ceremony on the last Friday of the program.  The ceremony is held in the evening and is immediately followed by a small reception.  It is the last formal activity scheduled for the program.  The ceremony usually begins at 7:00pm and will be located on W&M campus.  Parents and siblings are invited to attend.