Living On Campus

All students will reside in a W&M residence hall for the duration of the Pre-College Program.  Residence halls will be staffed by NIAHD Residential Program Assistants (RPAs) to provide support, guidance, and supervision at all times.  Students will also have privileged access to a community building near their dorm where they can do laundry, socialize, and study. 


All students and residential staff will reside in Pleasants Hall dorm.  Access to Pleasants Hall will be restricted to Pre-College Program students and residential staff.  Laundry facilities are located in Tazewell Hall, across from Pleasants Hall.  Refer to the campus map to locate your residence hall.

All students will be assigned a roommate.  Due to limited staffing, NIAHD is unable to provide details about roommate assignments in advance.  In order to help us pair compatible roommates, students should think carefully about the information they provide on the Roommate Questionnaire.

Packing Considerations

All rooms come furnished with Twin-XL beds, desks, chairs, chest of drawers, wardrobe/closet, and overhead lighting.  Students must provide their own linens.  Refer to the Suggested Packing List for a list of what (and what not) to bring.  Take note of required items such as photo IDs.

All rooms are air-conditioned.  More often than not, students comment on rooms being too cold rather than too hot.  We strongly recommend packing a warm blanket.

Summers in Virginia are hot and humid and students will spend a considerable amount of time outdoors.  Think about packing light layers of clothing made of breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and rayon to keep you cool.  Clothes designed for active living that have built-in UV protection or use wicking and venting to keep the sweat off your back may also be a good idea.  To keep the sun off your face, don’t forget to bring hats with wide brims and sunglasses.  Hydration is key to making sure that you stay healthy in these high temperatures.  We encourage you to bring your own refillable water bottles and anything else that might help you stay cool and hydrated.


Three meals/day are included with the cost of the program (excluding Arrival and Departure days when only one meal is provided).  All on-campus meals will be served by W&M Dining Services.  W&M Dining Services takes great care to accommodate everyone’s diets.  Be sure to note any dietary restrictions on your Student Health Form and feel free to reach out to NIAHD staff directly if you have concerns.

On full-day field trips, NIAHD will provide box lunches catered by a variety of off-campus restaurants.  We do our best to offer choices and accommodations for all diets.

Students will have opportunities to dine off campus on their own at nearby restaurants.  Meals taken off campus (excluding boxed lunches during field trips) will be an additional cost to the student.  NIAHD will not reimburse students or parents for any meals eaten outside of the W&M dining hall.

Student Health Center

In the event that a student becomes ill or injured, NIAHD staff will take them to the W&M Student Health Center for treatment.  The Heath Center is not a free service, so any visits will incur charges that will be the responsibility of students and their parents to pay.  Review the Student Health Center Policy for more details.  All students are required to complete the Student Health Form during registration.

The Health Center operates during limited hours over the summer.  If a student needs medical attention when the Health Center is closed, NIAHD staff will take them to a local urgent care facility or emergency room (depending on the severity of the problem).  Parents will be contacted via phone whenever a student requests medical attention.

Student Recreation Center (Gym)

Pre-College students are granted only limited access to W&M's Student Recreation Center.  Use of the Rec Center is an additional expense not covered by the cost of the program.  Any student intending to use the Rec Center during the program must read the Policy on Pre-College Student Use of Campus Recreation Facilities and Equipment.