Unique Opportunities

In the evenings and on weekends, students can experience history in fun and exciting ways.  For many students, these opportunities are the highlight of their NIAHD Pre-College experience. They will enrich your learning and may even help you decide on a future career path.   

Hands-On Archaeology Field Experience

On Saturday mornings, students can participate in an active archaeological dig at Fairfield Plantation in Gloucester, Virginia.  Working alongside professional archaeologists, Dr. Dave Brown and Thane Harpole, students will shovel, sift, and trowel through the dirt to uncover artifacts left behind more than 150 years ago.  Pre-College students in summer’s past have found belt buckles, nails, buttons, ceramics, and glass.  Obviously, the artifacts are not for the taking, but the experience will last a lifetime.

English Country Dance Lessons

Each summer NIAHD teams up with the Williamsburg Heritage Dancers to offer students private group lessons in the art of English Country Dancing.  Students do not need any prior dance experience to participate.  NIAHD’s dance instructor starts with the basics and will have students walking and skipping through their first English country dance within minutes.  It's a fun opportunity to socialize with fellow pre-college students.

Curious to know more about English Country dancing?  Check out NIAHD's blog for a quick tutorial.