Course Offerings

NIAHD offers two 200-level courses each summer. Both courses are offered during both sessions. Students choose their preferred course when they apply to the program.

History 217 Course Description
History 217: Jamestown through the American Revolution

History 217 begins along the tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay where Virginia Indians, English colonists, and enslaved Africans contended for land and power. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, interactions among these three groups contributed to colonial politics, religion, society, and culture in Williamsburg and more broadly in Virginia, Britain's largest North American colony. After years of colonial rule, American colonists declared independence from England in 1776 and seized victory at Yorktown in 1781. What led Virginians and residents of twelve other colonies to declare independence, and how did diverse groups of Americans experience the American Revolution?

History 218 Course Description
PreCol Canal Walk, Richmond, VA
History 218: The American Revolution through the Civil War

History 218 starts in Yorktown and at the capital city of Richmond where newly independent Americans wrestled with how to construct their society, who would get to participate, and what nationhood and citizenship meant. The choices they made--or which were made for them--shaped the social, political, and physical landscape of Virginia and the new nation in the 19th century until sectional cracks burst open in the bloody conflict of the Civil War. What led to this deadly reckoning and what are its legacies in Richmond, in Virginia, and in the rest of the United States?

In addition to on-campus visits from historic interpreters, English Country Dance lessons, and weekend archaeological digs at Fairfield Plantation, students attending the Pre-College Program in summer 2019 visited these sites:
List of Site Visit Locations for History 217 & 218
HIST 217 HIST 218

Pamunkey Indian Museum and Culture Center

Jamestown Island

Jamestown Settlement

Architectural Tour of Colonial Williamsburg

Bacon's Castle

Historic Christ Church

Shirley Plantation

Robert Carter House

Governor's Palace

Colonial Williamsburg Courthouse

Frontier Culture Museum

Trade Shops of Colonial Williamsburg

Historic Polegreen Church

Historic St. John's Church

Peyton Randolph House

Colonial Williamsburg Magazine

Colonial Williamsburg Indian Delegation

DeWitt Wallace Museum

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

Yorktown Battlefield

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

James Madison's Montpelier

George Wythe House

Colonial Williamsburg Capitol Building

Robert Carter House

John Marshall House

Virginia State Capitol Building

Monumental Church

First African Baptist Church

James Monroe's Highland

Somerset Place Plantation

Pocahontas Island Black History Museum

Lumpkin Slave Jail 

Richmond Canal

Mariners' Museum

Casemate Museum at Fort Monroe

Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania Battlefields

American Civil War Museum at Tredegar

Hollywood Cemetery

Monument Avenue

East End Cemetery