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What to Expect

Challenging Curriculum

The courses offered to Pre-College students are on the same level as courses offered to William & Mary undergraduates. In order to offer these courses, NIAHD has condensed a 13-week semester into 3 weeks. We hold Pre-College students to the same high standard of excellence as all William & Mary students and consistently challenge them to produce their best work. It is an academically rigorous program.

Students can expect to:
  • Participate in class discussions with a maximum of 12 students
  • Read 30-60 pages of college-level articles and primary source documents each night
  • Submit written work each week
  • Receive feedback from their Instructor on written assignments
Time Management

All students will attend class 5 days a week (whether for the residential courses or the virtual course). Students will also have to manage a schedule that includes reading and writing assignments. Being well-rested and well-nourished is a key component to staying focused and healthy during the program.