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Curriculum & Course Offerings

Visiting Students register for a full academic load of 4 three and four credit courses at William & Mary. Students can choose from the full list of NIAHD-sponsored courses in the areas of History, Anthropology, American Studies, and Music. These courses include not only Early American History, but also Architectural History, Historical Archaeology, Decorative Arts, and Music History. Some seats in all of these courses will be reserved for Visiting Students.

Students may also select regularly scheduled, non-NIAHD courses from William & Mary. Two considerations are important: (1) Registration for the regular courses will be on a space-available basis after regular William & Mary students have made their choices; and (2) Visiting Students must be careful not to register for classes that conflict with their NIAHD courses, particularly if they select an all-day class.

Visiting Students may also choose to do an independent study involving research in primary documents as well as deep reading in secondary literature. Students who opt for this course will work closely with an instructor to define a topic, research it, and produce a substantial paper by the end of the semester.

Public History students learn what different architectural materials and techniques can tell us about a structure's former occupants.

Museum Internship: One course of particular interest to Visiting Students is the internship at Colonial Williamsburg or another local museum. The museum internship is offered in both Fall and Spring semesters. This course is designed to give students practical experience in a museum setting with a background of readings in public history and classroom discussion sessions designed to promote both critical and scholarly engagement with an individually chosen topic. The instructor will work with students before the start of the semester to arrange for a museum professional to host the student in a professional working environment for about ten hours a week in addition to the class meetings.