At-Large Courses

Beyond the core course, field school, and internship, students must take at least four additional courses that focus on early America, material culture, or museums. There is no specific list of elective classes and students in the program may select from any courses offered in any department that focuses on early America, material culture, or museums. The Director of the program can confirm whether a particular course meets the requirement.


NIAHD sponsors courses in History, Anthropology, American Studies, and Art History each semester that students in the program can take to meet the elective requirement for the NIAHD Certificate.

In addition to the required courses, NIAHD offers classes each semester from the following list of classes.  Please check the Course Offerings section to see a list of courses offered for the current academic year.

HIST 214 - The Era of Jamestown

HIST 215 - The World of Thomas Jefferson

HIST 216 - A Tale of Three Cities: Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown

HIST 217 - The Founding of Jamestown through the American Revolution

HIST 218 - The American Revolution through the Civil War

HIST 219 - Era of the American Revolution in Virginia

HIST 220 - Colonial and Revolutionary Williamsburg

HIST 400 - Colonial and Revolutionary Virginia

HIST 401 - Gender, Race, and Power in Colonial Virginia

HIST 402 - Thomas Jefferson in America and the World

HIST 403 - Archaeology of Colonial Williamsburg and Tidewater Virginia

HIST 404 - Foodways and the Archaeological Record

HIST 405 - History of Museums and Historic Preservation-US 1850-Present

HIST 410 - Early American Architecture

HIST 413 - Colonial Revival in America