William & Mary

Jeffrey Doyon of Arlington recently donated to the W&M Music Department

 Mr. Jeffrey Doyon of Arlington recently donated a beautiful cello to the music department. In his youth Doyon lived in York County, and at the age of 10, he became interested in playing cello. His music teacher con

Doyon Donationtacted W&M to ask if he might be allowed to borrow a cello - which he did from middle school, to high school (including his time in the Williamsburg Youth Orchestra) and throughout his time as a student at W&M. ( Doyon’s father and his son are also alums.) After graduation, Doyon bought his own cello and continued playing in quartets with his twin brother who played viola. Doyon has since left his musical exploits behind, but in recognition of the kindness afforded him by the College in his younger years, he decided to “return the favor” and give his instrument to the department in hopes that someone might put it to good use. (Photo: Myra Borchardt)

Professor Jamie Bartlett, Chair of the Department of Music, Mr. Jeffrey Doyon ‘85, and Mr. Gerald Bullock, Executive Director of Development, Arts and Sciences display a cello recently donated to the Music Department by Mr. Doyon.