William & Mary

Cambridge Summer Study Abroad Program

Cambridge UniversityCambridge Summer Study Abroad Program

July 8th-August 11th, 2011

Application Deadline:  February 1, 2011

See http://studyabroad.wm.edu/


ENGL 465/Film 351 (Kennedy):  Shakespeare on Page, Stage, and Screen. Study of 3-5 plays in 3 different media: page, stage, and film. Excursions planned include attendance at live prodctions, including the Globe and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford.

HIST 490 (Corney): The Life and (Mythic) Times of the Cambridge Spies. Examines the broader political and cultural contexts that led aristocratic figures studying at Cambridge in the 1930's to make the decision to spy for Soviet Russia. Excursions planned include a "spies walk" in London and visits to historic sites.

HIST 212 (Corney): The Culture and Politics of Postwar Britain. Examines the post-WWII history of Great Britain, and the political, social, and cultural fragmentation that ensued as the islands were forced to confront their past. Excursions planned include visits to museums and historic sites.

MUSIC 365/LCST 351 (Bowers):  "Alice on the Stage": Lewis Carroll and the Performing Arts. Explores music and theatrical performances based on the life and works of Lewis Carroll, and particularly the creative process and integration of art with popular imagination surrounding Lewis Carroll. Excursions planned include an Alice tour of Oxford and a visit to the Lewis Carroll Society in London.

MUSIC 365/LCST 351 (Bowers): English Traditions in the Performing Arts. Explores England's rich contemporary performing arts scene as it relates to significant historical traditions in English theater and music: as the performing arts world becomes increasingly part of an international, digitized community, what role will England's substantial arts tradition play in this new world? Excursions planned include attendance at performances.