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2008 News Archive

From the Brafferton

This column by President Taylor Reveley originally ran in the summer 2009 issue of the William & Mary Alumni Magazine.

Studying cellular 'traffic control'

A protein known as the thyroid hormone receptor shuttles in and out of the cell's nucleus, where it goes about the all-important business of turning genes on and off.

'Travels with Tooy' wins another award

Richard Price's ethnographic account of a "trip down the rabbit hole" with a Saramaka curer has won the Gordon K. and Sybil Lewis Memorial Award for Caribbean Scholarship.

W&M scientists band two peregrine falcon chicks

Scientists from the Center for Conservation Biology banded two peregrine falcon chicks June 18 at the bottom of a stack at Dominion Energy's Possum Point Substation in Prince William County.

A walk through the new ISC 2

Rogers Hall has been renovated and is now part of the Integrated Science Center. The labs are working, even as unpacking continues.

Sylvia Stout: It's all about the people

Sylvia Stout, business manager for the Physics Department, is to be honored for 40 years of service at William & Mary's annual Employee Appreciation Day luncheon.

Waiting for the word

Henry Hart hopes that "appetizer" booklets will spur publication of ambitious post-World War II literary anthology.

Serge Kovaleski ('84) earns Pulitzer Prize

Serge Kovaleski, a member of William & Mary's Class of 1984 and a reporter for The New York Times, received a Pulitzer Prize today as part of a news team that covered the Gov. Elliot Spitzer scandal.

W&M alum tapped to be Amb. to Brazil

W&M alum Thomas Shannon ('80)was nominated May 27 to be U.S. Ambassador to Brazil by President Barack Obama.

W&M '09 grads featured on BBC America

Members of the Class of 2009 were featured on a BBC America news program profiling graduates entering the job market.

Follow Azalea the eagle on line

Our Center for Conservation Biology invites the public to watch the growth and development of Azalea, an eagle chick hatched at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Justin Schoonmaker's Commencement remarks

The following are the prepared remarks of Justin Schoonmaker ('09), the student speaker for William & Mary's 2009 Commencement ceremony. - Ed.

Senior opens for Ralph Stanley

William & Mary senior Elizabeth LaPrelle has opened for music great Ralph Stanley and toured the west coast singing songs of the Appalachia.

Justin Schoonmaker ('09) to speak at commencement

As the 2009 student Commencement speaker, he will be joining the featured Commencement Speaker, Tom Brokaw. A common student would be intimidated by the prospect, but Schoonmaker believes he has a lot of life and ideas to share.

From shell to shell: Kids raise, release turtles

About 40 kindergarteners from Matthew Whaley Elementary School flocked around the dock at William & Mary's Keck Environmental Field Lab today to release the baby turtles they had raised from eggs.

Two former W&M roommates find a new kind of home

Brown and Harpole met at the College as roommates, and knew then that they would join forces on a project in their shared field of archaeology.

Tracking the elusive ghost particle

You can't feel them, but neutrinos are passing through your body in large numbers. They have no charge and very low mass, but their scientific value is priceless.

Panel reflects on Tiananmen protests

W&M's government department and Reves Center for International Studies hosted a forum marking the 20th anniversary of China's Tiananmen Square protests and massacre.

W&M Symphony Orchestra to honor the life of Burt Kester

H. Burton "Burt" Kester, a lecturer in flute and bassoon at William & Mary, died at his home on Sunday, April 19. The orchestra's spring concert, scheduled for 8 p.m. on April 29, is being dedicated to his memory.

W&M Quarterly makes national news

A thesis published in the April 2009 issue of the William & Mary Quarterly reveals the discovery of nearly 50 letters to, from or about Benjamin Franklin previously not known to exist.

W&M ROTC participates in field training

It's an experience that Mann will not soon forget, and it's for lessons like this that he and his fellow William & Mary ROTC cadets participated in field training exercises at Fort Pickett recently.

W&M students make historical find in Richmond

Without so much as a map or an "X" to mark the spot, a group of William & Mary students recently uncovered some historical "treasure" that is expected to shed new light on the lives of early 20th-century African-Americans, including Maggie L. Walker, the first woman to found a bank in the United States and a black woman who worked tirelessly to improve the lives of other black women.

W&M announces sustainability summer research grants

William & Mary's Committee on Sustainability (COS) has awarded four Student Summer Research Grants for projects that will focus on areas such as campus recycling, GIS mapping of campus habitat and ecosystems and a new program to increase the College's use of locally grown and sustainable food.

Balinese performers share with W&M community

A Balinese sacred performance workshop came a day after Wayang Kali, an experimental shadow theater troupe, performed in the Kimball Theatre as the final event in this year's Ewell Concert Series.

Alumni pair can help get your finances straight

For Charlie '01 and Sarah Park '01, their new business started out as a way not to make money, but to help themselves get their finances in order.

Future Shock: A startling experience

Direct from Japan (and the mercury sGIG)'s Future Shock, a whirling look into the fast-food culture infecting Japan.

Behind the scene

W&M's George Grayson meets with Clinton prior to March trip to discuss U.S. - Mexico relations.

Islam in America: Madeeha's journey

The United States is the best place to be a Muslim, says William and Mary senior Madeeha Hameed, who traveled with the "Journey into America" program.

Akbar Ahmed: In class with Tamara Sonn

Students in Tamara Sonn's class Women in the Muslim World received a rare treat when guest-lecturer Akbar Ahmed led discussion.

8th grad research symposium a success

Graduate students from different disciplines in Arts & Sciences come together once each year to unite in a display of intellectual firepower.

Price: Travels with Tooy

An ethnographer writes of a master curer, spirit possession and a race of sea gods that control the ebb and flow of the world’s money supply.

Students get rare, hands-on research opportunity in Spanish archives

Bassett was one of three William & Mary undergraduates who joined History Professor Lu Ann Homza on a research trip to Pamplona, Spain over Spring Break to peruse two sets of archives and get a better understanding of Spanish history through the hand-written accounts of the people who lived it.

8th annual grad research symposium

Our graduate students (and those of some other fine institutions) show their work in a two-day symposium.

Student-led medical mission gives Aday new lease

W&M professor David Aday was at personal and professional crossroads when students invited him to serve as advisor for an international medical mission initiative.

'Blue Lias' to explore life of Victorian-era fossil hunter

On the heels of the Darwin bicentennial and at the end of women's history month, a William & Mary scholar will present her one-person play exploring the life of Victorian-era fossil-hunter Mary Anning.

Why the caged bird sang: Braxton on NPR

W&M faculty member Joanne M. Braxton to disscuss Maya Angelou's "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" on NPR's Diane Rehm Show March 18 at 11 a.m.

Music in time of war and peace

The Middle Eastern Music Ensemble offers a window into a culture that is becoming more and more a part of our own.

All ready for the takht

The instruments for making Middle Eastern music are a blend of the familiar and the exotic.

Darwin Across the Disciplines on Channel 48

If you missed the William & Mary faculty's observance of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, you can view Darwin Across the Disciplines on Channel 48. The symposium explores Darwin's influence across the spectrum of intellectual life.

The triumph of 'Joy'

Adam Potkay's book "The Story of Joy" has been named co-winner of a major literary award.

Hobson to appear in PBS documentary

Charles Hobson is among the historians interviewed in an hour-long documentary titled "Judicial Independence in the New World," which explores the early history of the court system.

'Purple' brings professor's story to W&M stage

"When the Purple Settles," an original "hip-hopera" by Francis Tanglao-Aguas, is set for its American premiere at William & Mary's Phi Beta Kappa Hall Feb. 26 - March 1.

Haulman: The panic of 1819

Haulman discusses his book "Virginia and the Panic of 1819." It deals with America's first modern economic depression.

Students bring 'Sergeant Cheerleader' to the big screen

Matt Pinsker, who was both an ROTC cadet and a cheerleader, decided to write about his experiences in bridging the gap between the two little-connected worlds. The result is now the feature-length movie "Sergeant Cheerleader."

It came. Out of the muck of Crim Dell...

Members of a freshman seminar have found a strain of bacteriophage that may be previously unknown to science. The phage was found in William & Mary's landmark Crim Dell.

Subtleties of subtitles

You, too, can now understand Cuban films, thanks to Anne Marie Stock.

How apes develop emotions

Anthropologist Barbara King discusses the emotional life of apes at the nation’s largest gathering of scientists.

U.S. presidents and their faiths

From Obama to Kennedy, what have been the private and public faiths of modern American presidents? For almost a decade, Professor of Religious Studies David Holmes has studied this and other questions about the faiths of American presidents.

Grad students make strong showing at research forum

On Feb. 10, six graduate students from the College of William and Mary participated in the fourth annual Graduate Student Research Forum, held at the Library of Virginia in Richmond.

2 alumni win Darwin-Wallace Medals

The Linnean Society of London has awarded Darwin-Wallace medals every half-century since 1908. The most recent class includes H. Allen Orr ’82, ’85 and Mohamed Noor ’92.

Kulick receives Thomas Jefferson Award

Katherine Kulick, Associate Professor of French and Modern Languages, received the Thomas Jefferson Award on Charter Day.

Lockwood receives Jefferson Teaching Award

Paleontologist Rowan Lockwood received the 2009 Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award, the highest award given to young faculty members at the College of William and Mary.

Oller receives Monroe Prize in Civic Leadership

Devin Oller, a senior English major and biology minor, received the 2009 Monroe Prize in Civic Leadership during the William & Mary's Charter Day ceremony Feb. 7.

The future of engagement: OSVS and Sharpe program combine

William & Mary's two major service programs will merge into one, and a new minor in community studies is currently under serious discussion and has enthusiastic faculty support, Provost Geoff Feiss announced during the Board of Visitors meeting Thursday.

Senior wins Charter Day art contest

The weather vane that sits on top of the Wren building is a familiar sight to anyone who has walked around William & Mary's campus.

Strikwerda: Fusing humanities and science

Carl Strikwerda, dean of the faculty of arts and sciences, discusses the relationship between humanities and science at the College.

Conservation collaboration begins with VCU

William and Mary signs a collaboration agreement with Virginia Commonwealth University centering around W&M's Center for Conservation Biology.

English Faculty Members Win Top Honors

Three English faculty members were recently recognized for their outstanding contributions to scholarship and teaching.

In the money: Recent grants at W&M

Selected grants received by faculty members at the College of William and Mary as supplied by the grants office.

Leading Faithfully?

David Holmes, Walter G. Mason Professor of Religious Studies, discusses the faith of President-elect Barack Obama.

W&M Dancers Transcend Rhythms and Cultural Boundaries at International Conference

Most people can kick up their heels to the steady beats of hip-hop or techno, but the dancers of "Transcending Rhythms," a piece choreographed by Professor Leah Glenn and originally performed at Orchesis's DANCEVENT in November, 2008, had to adapt to an entirely new style of rhythm. Well, two in fact.

Hulse CD
Professor Releases CD

Albany Records, a label devoted to American Music, releases a CD of music by William & Mary music professor Brian Hulse.

In ISC 1: Yeast genetics

What can an understanding of the genetics of yeast do to get us closer to a cure for cancer? Plenty.

Dig this: WMCAR is 20

William & Mary's Center for Archaeological Research celebrates 20 years of work, opens a new lab and produces an index of projects.

Plumeri recipients represent a distinguished list

It's an impressive list - one that includes 20 individuals who are among the best and brightest faculty at the College of William and Mary. Now, they are also the inaugural recipients of the Plumeri Awards for Faculty Excellence.

New professorship honors conservationist

The College of William and Mary has established an endowed professorship in honor of a legendary bird conservationist who remains active even in retirement.

Preston named to Fulbright Distinguished Chair

A music professor at the College of William and Mary has been named the Walt Whitman Distinguished Chair of American Culture by the Fulbright Center of the Netherlands. Katherine K. Preston, the David N. and Margaret C. Bottoms Professor of Music, will spend the spring 2009 semester at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.

Romer ('81) to serve as key Obama advisor

Christina Romer ('81), who received her undergraduate degree in economics from the College of William and Mary, was named Nov. 24, 2008 as President-elect Obama's new director of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Music students learn from the masters

Students and faculty members in William and Mary's Department of Music have recently been treated to the time and talents of world-renowned violinist Charles Castleman.

Ribbon cut on Integrated Science Center

With a few snips, a small group of scientists and leaders at William and Mary cut through a gold ribbon at the Integrated Science Center Thursday night, beginning a new era of research at the College.

New aerial census logs thousands of waterbirds

Biologists complete a new aerial bird census of the Panama coastline. They logged more than 490,000 waterbirds—many of them familiar migrants.

W&M institute issues Iraq task force report

The Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations issued an independent task force report on the Ministry of Interior in Iraq Nov. 14.

Aint Nothin but a Man
W&M professor's first children's book wins award

Legum Professor of History Scott Nelson's childrens book, "Ain't Nothin but a Man" was recognized in October by the American Folklore Society's (AFS) 2008 Aesop Award.

George Srour
Space to dream: Alumni choose vocations of service

George Srour ('05), who visited his alma mater recently, is just one of several recent William and Mary alumni who have gone on to create their own nonprofit and service organizations.

Manos: The research imperative at W&M

The vice provost for research at the College discusses his vision for research, the academic progression of students and the fact that "there are no excuses in the big leagues."

After free will: A crisis of human identity?

Paul Davies, associate professor of philosophy, suggests that advances in neuroscience and psychology call into question the existence of free will.

Financial forum available via webcast

A panel discussion by W&M faculty on the fiscal crisis will be broadcast live via web stream at on Oct. 15 at 6 p.m.

Dick Ash
William and Mary to host forum on U.S. economic crisis

The College of William and Mary will host a forum, "Understanding the Current Financial: A Panel Discussion by William and Mary Faculty," Oct. 15, 2008 at 6 p.m. at the auditorium in the William and Mary Office of Admission.

Raft left empty in annual debate

The Devil's Advocate was named the winner of this year's Raft Debate, which challenged respresentatives from humanities, social sciences, and natural and computational sciences to defend their respective disciplines.

Raft Debate 2007
Professors gear up for Raft Debate

Three William and Mary professors are getting ready to duke it out in a battle of words, wits and cheap tricks during the annual Raft Debate, scheduled for Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. in the Sadler Center.

PLAID guys
PLAID receives nearly $2 million in funding

PLAID, an interdisciplinary program at the College of William and Mary, will receive nearly $2 million in grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Gupta recounts papal meeting

Ravi Gupta, professor of religious studies at the College, thought it was a prank when he was first asked to meet the Pope.

Waiting for the hadrons to collide

William and Mary's theoretical physicists are anticipating the arrival of data that just may prove them wrong.

Meghan Dunne
Dunne receives service award

Meghan Dunne ('09) received a 2008 President's Award for Service to the Community.

Dennis Taylor_thumb
Taylor receives award for service

Professor Dennis Taylor was recently awarded with one of the 2008 President's Awards for Service to the Community.

Winnie the whimbrel: RIP

Winnie, the record-setting shorebird that surprised researchers with her long-distance flights, is down.

Nelson and Springsteen
Springsteen and Nelson: Joined by John Henry

When associate professor of history Scott Nelson met rock star Bruce Springsteen backstage prior to a concert, their conversation reflected a chat between history buffs.

NATO/WM Interns
NATO/W&M: A unique internship opportunity

The William and Mary internship at U.S. headquarters in Brussels for NATO is a unique opportunity for undergraduates at a unique time in history, according to Mitchell Reiss.

Kaine at the ISC
Gov. Kaine tours College's ISC

Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine visited the Integrated Science Center at the College of William and Mary as part of his Cabinet Community Day.

Victoria Ryan
Eleven alumni receive Fulbrights

Eleven recent graduates of the College of William and Mary have been selected to receive Fulbright U.S. student or Austrian government scholarships.

Hands holding vials
LiveScience showcases W&M photochemist

A story featuring a William and Mary chemist's work with highly colored molecules has been featured on the LiveScience web site, in cooperation with the National Science Foundation.

Early Music Ensemble CD
EME records first CD

The Early Music Ensemble, which performs medieval, renaissance and baroque music, released its first CD.

Roshan Patel with Maasai children
Patel among the Maasai

Roshan Patel may not be the king of beasts, but he seems to have found his place in the circle of life.

The Museum is a Lab

So how do you put your best face forward when the audience is constantly changing?

Rational Misbehavior

Ah, fixed lifetime annuities. They're the sure thing: A check every month until you die. No matter what the market is doing - bull, bear or pig in a tutu - you're going to get paid.