William & Mary

2008 Spring Symposium

The boundaries of traditional science that were established in the time of Sir Thomas Willis and Christopher Wren have blurred. Today, those boundaries continue to be challenged by those with a passion to know more.

Keynote Address

"Exploring the Genome"
Mary Lou Pardue, Ph.D.

William & Mary Class of 1955
Professor of Biology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
3:00 PM-5:30 PM
University Student Center, Tidewater A & B

William and Mary Neuroscience Faculty Presentations

3:00 PM - Mike Deschenes, Department of Kinesiology: "Neuromuscular Adaptations to Spaceflight"

3:20 PM - Jeanine Stefanucci, Department of Psychology: "The Role of Fear in the Perception of Spatial Layout"

3:45 PM - Break

4:00 PM - Keynote Address by Mary Lou Pardue

5:00 PM - Reception (Chesapeake A)

For more information, contact John Griffin (221-2257)