William & Mary

2009 Neuroscience Fall Symposium

The boundaries of traditional science that were established in the time of Sir Thomas Willis and Christopher Wren have blurred. Today, these boundaries continue to be challenged by those with an interest in understanding the brain and behavior, as well as by those who are there to help us when things go wrong...

Keynote Address:

"Advances in the Diagnosis & Management of Brain Tumors"

Michael Vogelbaum, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Director of the Brain Tumor & Neuro-Oncology Center at the Cleveland Clinic

Monday, October 19th, 2009
3:00 PM-5:30 PM
  Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium (Coffee & Reception in Tidewater B)


3:00 PM - Kyle Gagnon - "From Mirror Neurons to Racial Biases: A Neural Basis for Social Understanding"

3:15 PM - Jazmine Pina - "Neural Correlates of Stimulus and Response Conflict: Using ERPs to Study the Architecture of Task Representation by the Brain"

3:30PM - Matt Sass & Matthew Yeager - "Pragmatic Approaches to Biochemical Systems Theory Applied to Parkinson's Disease Models"

3:45PM - Laura Odorizzi - "Calcium Activity and Neurotransmitter Phenotype Specification"

4:00 PM - Keynote Address by Michael Voegelbaum

5:00 PM - Reception (Tidewater B)

For more information, contact John Griffin (221-2257)