Past Major Requirements

Students who declared their Music major prior to Fall 2014 are required to complete the following requirements under the Department of Music's old curriculum. If a student wishes to be considered under the new curriculum, that student must petition their Music academic adviser. If the student does not have an adviser in Music, students may petition the Department's Advising Coordinator [[jcbart,Dr. Jamie Bartlett]] to be considered under the new curriculum.

Past Requirements

To obtain a Music major under the old curriculum, students must complete 41 credits of MUSC courses from among the following categories.

Theory (12 credits)

MUSC 201 Tonal Theory I (4 credits)
MUSC 202 Tonal Theory II (4 credits)
MUSC 301 Tonal Forms and Post-Tonal Techniques (4 credits)

History/Culture (8 credits)

MUSC 213 History of Western Music (4 credits)
MUSC 241 Worlds of Music (4 credits)

Research (4 credits)

MUSC 345 Seminar in Music Research (4 credits)

Applied Music (6 credits)

Six credits of lessons in the same performance area, two semesters of which must be at the 30-level or above, must be obtained. 

Ensembles (2 credits)

Two credits in the same ensemble, preferably within the course of one academic year, must be obtained.

*Music Electives (8 credits)

Academic courses in Music, excluding 1- and 2-credit courses, must be complete to total 8 credits. 

Senior Project (1 credit)

Complete one of the following:
MUSC 491 Senior Project
MUSC 495/496 Senior Honors in Music

*MUSC 101 and MUSC 210 may not be applied as Music electives.