Policy for Scheduling Rooms in Ewell Hall

This policy concerns scheduling of rooms between 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. M-F, and on weekends, excluding summer and interim breaks.

Hierarchy of users for purposes of scheduling rooms
  1. Music faculty (regularly scheduled classes, non-regularly scheduled classes); official Department of Music functions
  2. Music concentrators, with graduating seniors having the highest rank if the scheduling is related to senior projects, recitals, or honors projects.
  3. Non-music faculty, as resources allow
  4. Non-music concentrators (extra-curricular activities)
  5. Community members

Faculty members (including ensemble directors) have first right of refusal for scheduling any other class-related activities.  Rooms should be scheduled at the beginning of the semester whenever possible.

Senior music majors and music faculty members will have precedence for scheduling rooms for performances and rehearsals related to senior recitals or senior projects until one week after the drop/add deadline for each semester.  Students, however, should plan ahead and incorporate rehearsal schedules (and reserve needed rooms) into their senior project form.  After one week following the drop add deadline, rooms will no longer be held for seniors.

After expiration of the period during which graduating seniors and music faculty members are given preference, all other individuals/groups will be accommodated on a first come/first served basis.

Other Scheduling Issues

Directors of small ensembles (e.g., MEME, Appalachian String Ensemble, Contemporary Music Ensemble, etc.) will normally reserve both 151 and 154. 

Academic classes (music or non-music) take precedence over all other uses, within reason.  Faculty members may bump any other previously scheduled users in an emergency situation (e.g., to make up a class that was cancelled because of inclement weather).   Any bumping should be done with proper notice and with an attempt to inconvenience as few persons as possible.

A paid reservation may not be bumped except under extraordinary circumstances.

Limitations on Room Scheduling

Senior music concentrators can schedule up to ten hours per semester in Ewell Hall for rehearsals related to senior recitals, senior projects, etc.  This amount of time excludes time scheduled for the recital or concert itself.   Students may lobby the Chair of the Department for additional hours under extraordinary circumstances.

Seniors should not propose—nor should faculty advisors approve—projects for which we are unable to provide sufficient room for adequate rehearsals, unless the student has secured additional rehearsal space elsewhere.

The a cappella Council should submit their schedules as early as possible after the restricted period.  Not all submitted rehearsals will be approved as space is limited.

Any group that makes a reservation should do so under the name of the group or the ensemble.  Different members of an ensemble may not schedule rehearsal times for that group under their own names.

The Rehearsal Hall (207) is restricted due to storage of expensive instruments.  It is not open for general use. 

Changes to room reservations

Students should plan their schedules carefully.   We will allow only one change per individual over the course of the semester unless the change is the result of inclement weather or the reservation being vacated because of a “bump” for an academic class (see above). 

Students who wish to make more than one change for a room (or a block of rooms reserved for the same time period) will be allowed to do so only after paying a $20 fee for the privilege.  To make the change, the student must pay the fee at the Bursar’s Office and present the receipt at the time of the schedule change as proof that the fee has been paid.