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Cost Structure

Please note, if your event is scheduled during a weekend or sponsored by a non-WM group, then payment to the Bursar is due at least one week prior to the event.

Student and Faculty Group

  • Weekday Event -- No rental charge
  • Weekend Event (includes Friday evenings) -- $50 weekend custodial charge

Non-W&M Affiliate Group

  • Ewell Recital Hall Room 107 -- $100 rental per event  
  • Rehearsal Hall (formerly Band Room) 207 -- $100 rental per event. Please note, the Rehearsal Hall (207) is restricted due to storage of expensive instruments.  It is not open for general use. All non departmental reservations will be subject to approval by the Chair.
  • Choir Room 151 -- $100 rental per event  
  • Classroom 154 -- $100 per event  

Please note, for weekend events (including Friday evenings) there will be a $50 weekend custodial charge in addition to the above rental charge.

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