Recital Hall (Ewell 107)

The Recital Hall is a functioning academic space, as well as a performance hall. Each semester, this space is used for student rehearsals, private lessons, senior project performances, academic classes, and department-sponsored performances, such as our Ewell Concert Series events.

The Recital Hall seats approximately 140 people and is wheelchair accessible from the east side of the building. The department provides one small Steinway piano and one large Steinway piano for use by those reserving the space. The small Steinway remains unlocked and available to those who reserve the space. The Steinway grand is kept locked, so individuals renting the room will be required to pick up a key from the Receptionist/Scheduling Coordinator in the Music Office Suite prior to their event. It is the responsibility of the renter to position the piano on the stage and return the instrument to its original location after the event. The large Steinway must be locked and covered at the end of the event, and the key returned to the Music Office.

Note: The department is responsible for the maintenance and tuning of all pianos. Please notify [[tlchappell,Logan Chappell]], Department Administrator, at (757) 221-1071 at least one week prior to an event to arrange piano tuning. A charge will be incurred for tuning.

Under no condition is the re-aiming of the lighting permitted. The department requests that renters familiarize themselves with the light panel backstage. Lights should be turned off when leaving the facilities. To open or close the curtains on the Recital Hall stage, pull the cords. Do not yank on the curtains, or this will cause them to fall down. The department stresses that Ewell Recital Hall is a small recital hall and not a theater. It is suitable for small recitals, poetry readings, master classes, and lectures. The stage is small, and there is very little space backstage. There are minimal lighting options for the space, and the department's AV equipment is not available for non-departmental events.