Card Swipe Access to Rooms in Ewell Hall

Statement of Responsibility

Access to four interior rooms in Ewell Hall is restricted to authorized users with ID cards that have been programmed to permit access.  These rooms are 151, 154, 107 (Recital Hall), and 207 (Rehearsal Hall for the Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra).    Access to these rooms is a privilege; the responsibilities that accompany this privilege include the following:

  • The room must be left clean and in good shape, equipment and instruments returned to their proper places, and chairs (in classrooms) re-aligned.  Trash should be placed into proper receptacles.
  • Lights should be turned off when leaving.
  • Doors must be secured when leaving.  If the room is left unsecured and damage occurs to the room or to its contents, those individuals who last used the room will be held responsible for the damage. 
Ewell Recital Hall
  1. Under no circumstances is re-aiming of lights on the Recital Hall stage permitted.  Please familiarize yourself with the light panel at the back of the stage
  2. All items should be removed from the Recital Hall stage at the end of the performance.  One grand piano can be left on the stage.
  3. To open or close curtains on the Recital Hall stage, pull the cords.  DO NOT yank on the curtains; this will cause them to fall down.
  4. No food or drink is permitted in the Recital Hall.
Weekend custodial surcharge

Ewell Hall has no custodial service between Friday and Monday mornings.  In order to ensure that the facilities are clean, restrooms restocked with paper, and trash cans emptied, the Department of Music requires a $50 surcharge for events that take place Friday evening, all day Saturday, or Sunday afternoon.  This charge helps to pay for contracted custodial service on Saturdays and Sundays.   Only senior recitals by music concentrators and official Department of Music events are exempt from this surcharge.