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For Prospective Students

Why We're Different

Each semester more than 400 students take academic music classes; more than 300 perform in ensembles; and more than 700 take applied lessons

We promote a curriculum of diverse musical cultures

Our program develops the complete musician/scholar, with courses in music history and musicology, ethnomusicology, music theory, music composition, and solo and ensemble performance

Our Music students explore music through its interrelated subdisciplines: music history, ethnomusicology, music theory, composition, and performance. Our curriculum is grounded in classical music, world music, and a full complement of American music (jazz, music and film, popular music, and art music). 

The applied faculty of thirty musicians teaches private lessons ranging from piano to mandolin to harmonica.

Degree Programs

Course topics include theory, musicology, ethnomusicology, performance, and composition. See the Undergraduate Catalog to explore the complete list of Music courses.


We are composers, theorist, ethnomusicologists, music historians, and conductors. Our classroom teaching is informed by our own research, compositions, and performances. Students participate in all of these activities.


We have more than 20 ensembles that perform regularly all over Williamsburg and across the globe. You could choose to perform in one that focuses on a specific instrument, such as the Brass Ensemble; type of music, such as the Early Music Ensemble; or regional music, such as the Middle Eastern Music Ensemble. 


Graduating students who go on to pursue graduate degree programs do so primarily in conducting, musicology, ethnomusicology, or composition. Some of our alumni have obtained degrees at seminaries and have trained in music therapy. Others have become instrument makers; worked in pop music or classical music agencies; taught in primary and secondary schools; worked in museums, recording companies, and academia; and pursued successful performing careers. Several have attended law school or medical school. Many of our students are double majors and pursue music informally or as a secondary career after W&M.

Talk to Us

Want to know more? Our current students and faculty want to connect with you.

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