William & Mary

Ewell Concert Series presents Eymen Gürtan and Ensemble, 3/19 at 8pm, Ewell Recital Hall

Eymen Gürtan and Denise Gill-GürtanEymen Gürtan is a master neyzen, a performer of the Ottoman-Turkish reed flute known as the ney. A celebrated student of neyzen Niyazi Sayin, one of Turkey’s greatest musical legends of the past century, Mr. Gürtan is part of an un­broken musical lineage that stretches back over three centuries. Eymen Gürtan has performed in over forty countries, touring extensively as the director and primary neyzen for Mevlevi Sufi groups performing sema, a ceremony featuring the ecstatic turning of “whirling der­vishes.” Mr. Gürtan makes neys by hand and performs on his own instruments. He will be joined in this concert by his wife, Denise Gill-Gürtan, (a visiting scholar at William and Mary) who accompanies him on kanun, a Turkish trapezoidal zither.