Mind on Fire

Mind on Fire
Performance Details   

Date: Saturday, April 7, 2018 at 7:30pm
Location: Ewell Recital Hall
Admission: Free

Mind on Fire is a chamber orchestra dedicated to performing the works of living composers of notated music.

Conductor and co-founder James Young writes, “At one level we are a fl ux ensemble capable of playing contemporary classical music with a high degree of virtuosity. At our foundational level, however, Mind on
Fire is a non-profi t organization built to provide access to performing artists. Our medium is the variety show and so we have presented actors, poets, improvisers, graphic artists, and a wide range of musicians. Mind on Fire was formed not only as an active musical body but as a home for experimentation, connection, and artistic freedom.”

In Spring 2017, Mind on Fire inaugurated the Department of Music’s Composers Laboratory, an informal, exploratory setting where musicians, composers, improvisors, and listeners explore provocative performance, recent music, contemporary sound, and adventurous listening.