Yin Zheng, Pianist

Yin Zheng, pianistPerformance Details

Date: Friday, April 10 at 7:30pm
Location: Ewell Recital Hall
Admission: Free

About the Performer

Pianist Yin Zheng performs and teaches throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States. She has won first prizes in both the 28th Frinna Awebuch International Piano Competition and the Empire State Piano Competition. A Ukrainian newspaper described her playing as "an astonishing torrent of images, passages, and themes, amazing the audience with an unbelievable technical precision that was balanced by delicate melodic and dynamic nuances." Dr. Zheng, a native of Shanghai, China, is on the Artist Faculty at both the Vianden Music Festival in Luxembourg and the Schlern International Music Festival in the Italian Alps. Highly versatile, she has been featured at Carnegie Hall and Steinway Hall in New York City and at festivals in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal, China, and Canada. Dr. Zheng has recorded the Complete Sonatas for Piano and Violin by Mozart with award-winning violinist Bin Huang. She is currently Assistant Professor of Piano at the Virginia Commonwealth University.

This concert will feature the world premier of a new piano work by internationally acclaimed composer Lei Liang. 

Program Selections
Les Cyclopes Jean-Baptist Rameau
Sonata "Lex Adieux," Op. 81a
     Das Lebewohl: Adagio - Allegro
     Das Abwesenheit: Andante espressivo
     Das Wiedersehen: Vivacissimamente
Ludwig van Beethoven
Sarcasms, Op. 17
     Allegro rubato
     Allegro precipitato
L'Isle Joyeuse Debussy
Klavierstücke, Op. 118
     I. Intermezzo in A Minor
     II. Intermezzo in A Major
     III. Ballade in G Minor
     IV. Intermezzo in F Minor
     V. Romanze in F Major
     VI. Intermezzo in E-flat Minor
The moon is following us
(Commissioned by the College of William & Mary, 2015)
Lei Liang