Upperclass Monroe Projects Summer 2016

These upperclass Monroe research proposals have been approved for summer 2016.  Click on the name to go to their blog posts. 

Annalise Ajmani
Investigating the Correlation Between Ballet and Health
Advisor: Joan Gavaler, Theatre, Speech, and Dance

Haley Arata 
Gender Equity and Civil Rights for Muslim Women in the US 
Advisor: Gul Ozyegin, Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies

Liam Arne
The Role of Women in Political Reforms in the Arab World in the 21st Century
Advisor: Stephen Sheehi, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Josh Aurand
Comparing Political Culture and Political Activity in US and Argentine College Students
Advisor: Ron Rapoport, Government 

Melanie Berger
The Effect of Side-Chain Length on Acidity of Peptides Containing Cysteine and it Homologs 
Advisor: J.C. Poutsma, Chemistry 

Stephen Boscolo
An Analysis of Differing Civil Trial Court Systems in Canada and the United States
Advisor: Jackson Sasser, Government 

Colin Castro
Analyzing the Differences in Revenue Streams of American and European Professional Sports 
Advisor: Rui Pereira, Economics 

Emily Chicules
Canada vs. America: How Firms' Underestimation of Consumer Differences Leads to Economic Failure or Bankruptcy
Advisor: Michael Stump, Business 

Margaret Collins
Soundscape Study and Acoustic Analysis of Montpellier, France
Advisor: Anne Rasmussen, Music 

Chen Dong 
Lineage Analysis of Cells in Xenopus laevis Embryonic Central Nervous System During Secondary Neurogenesis 
Advisor: Margaret Saha, Biology 

Philip Favaloro
Biocybernetic Adaptation Loop Using 2048 
Advisor: Peter Kemper, Computer Science 

Laura Ferraro 
Incorporation of Japanese Painting Styles into Portraiture 
Advisor: David Campbell, Art & Art History 

Meghan Frere
Institutional Influences on Evironmental Policy and Treaty Participation
Advisor: Dan Maliniak, Government 

Catherine Freund
Intersections of Place and Space: Landscapes in Chilean Memoirs
Advisor: Teresa Longo, Modern Languages & Literatures

Shouron Ghassemlou
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Use Amount Young Adults 
Advisor: Libby Yost, Sociology

Daniel Gildea
Genetic Screen For Mechanisms of Drosophila Testis Stem Cell Niche Organogenesis and Maintenance 
Advisor: Matthew Wawersik, Biology 

Peter Gordon
Provincial Roman Amphitheaters
Advisor: Molly Swetnam-Burland, Classical Studies 

Seamus Herriman
Gravity Waves in Models of Cosmic Inflation 
Advisor: Josh Erlich, Physics 

Danielle Horridge
Generating a Phase-On Allele of oipA in cag Pathogenicity Island Negative Strains of Helicobacter pylorr 
Advisor: Mark Forsyth, Biology 

Elizabeth Jacob
Sustainability, Standards, and Questionable Accountability: An Exploration of Green Marketing with the Infant Formula Industry 
Advisor: Amy Quark, Sociology 

Tyler Jutz
A Randomized, Controlled, Prospective Study Using an Educational Video to Assess Effect on Anxiety during Cast Removal Procedures in Children
Advisor: Paul Heideman, Biology 

Kristina Kelly
Reproduction and Distribution Cell Rates in Common STDs 
Advisor: Junping Shi, Mathematics

Christine Kim
The Effect of Mycorrihizal Fungi on the Herbivory Tolerance of the Common Milkweed 
Advisor: Harmony Dalgleish, Biology

Madeleine King
A Study of the Landscapes of Yosemite 
Advisor: John Lee, Art & Art History 

Heather Lawrence
Representations of Race and Gender in Young Adult and Children's Fiction 
Advisor: Monica Griffin, Sharpe Community Scholars Program

Honor Leahy
No to Namaste: Why "Yogaphobia" Exists Among Some Christians"
Advisor: Patton Burchett, Religious Studies

Benedict Lenhart
Engineering Yeast Strains to Combat Infection through Colony Disruption
Advisor: Helen Murphy

Luke Maclay 
"Critically Endangered": The Quest to Preserve Rare Breeds of Livestock 
Advisor: Laurie Koloski, History

Joseph Malanson 
The Christian Right's Politics and Its Future 
Advisor: Chris Howard, Government 

Sri Harshavardhan Malapati
Wallerian Degeneration in ALS 
Advisor: William Buchser, Biology

Micailya Mattson 
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Axonal Integrity 
Advisor: William Buchser, Biology

Caehla McGeady
The Application of Cherokee Native Healing Practices for Modern Medical Practice 
Advisor: Brad Weiss, Anthropology

Brianna Meeks 
Determing the Genetic Architecture of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Plastic Adherence 
Advisor: Helen Murphy, Biology

Micayla Menchel 
An Evaluation of Public High School Sexual Education Programs in Three Upstate New York Counties 
Advisor: Alison Scott, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Kayla Miller 
Expression of PGC-1 alpha in Aorta of Exercise-Trained: An Epigenetic Study 
Advisor: Robin Looft-Wilson, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Shahida Mizan 
The Effects of Fetal Alcohol Exposure and Acute Alcohol Exposure on the Learning and Memory of Zebra Fish 
Advisor: Pam Hunt, Psychology

Cameron Murphy 
Causes of and Projections for the Catalan Independence Movement 
Advisor: Carla Buck, Modern Languages & Literatures

Anna Nicholson
A History of a Translation 
Advisor: Monica Potkay, English

Ryan Oppenheim 
On the Covering Number of Symmetric Groups of Even Order 
Advisor: Eric Swartz, Mathematics

Caroline Payne 
Place and the Pastoral Ideal: Layers of History in Thomas Hardy's Tragedies 
Advisor: Liz Barnes, English 

Susannah Philbrick
Material Manifestations of Death in the Lives of 17th and 18th Century Children of the Chesapeake 
Advisor: Julie Richter, National Institute of American History and Democracy

Remington Pool 
The Economics of Choosing and Changing College Majors 
Advisor: John Parman, Economics

Vail Prior 
Victorian Visionaries: Painting the Pre-Raphaelites for the 21st Century 
Advisor: John Lee, Art & Art History

Geneveive Pugsley 
Do Interpersonal Contexts Modulate Distress Tolerance? 
Advisor: Christopher Conway, Psychology

Elizabeth Ransone 
The Effect of Anthropogenic Noise on the Frequency of Malurus Melanocephalus Vocalizations
Advisor: John Swaddle, Biology 

David Rice
The eCommerce Behavior of Chinese University Students Through Smartphone Usage
Advisor: Yanfang Tang, Modern Languages & Literatures

Daniel Rosenberg 
Investigating the Role of the C9orF72 Repeat in Neurodegeneration
Advisor: William Buchser, Biology

Rachel Rosenfeld
From "Injuns" to Indians: The Evolution of Native Americans in Cinema 
Advisor: David Brown

Ji Sung Seo
Religious Shifts of Young Korean American Christians 
Advisor: Tom Linneman, Sociology

Abigail Simon 
When Texisse and Nudare Are Not a Contradiction: Sulpicia's Nuanced Approach to Erotic Language 
Advisor: Lily Panoussi, Classical Studies

Erin Smith
The Impact of Education Systems on Female Body Satisfaction
Advisor: Tom Linneman, Sociology

Nita Takanti 
Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange for Determination of Structure of Lysine-Containing Peptides 
Advisor: J.C. Poutsma, Chemistry 

Michael Testa 
How Social Media Aids Political Protest and Revolt 
Advisor: Paul Manna, Government 

Elizabeth Towell
The Material and Social Determinants of Social Class
Advisor: Bill Fisher, Anthropology

Hong-Anh Tran 
Sensor Molecules Composed of Fluorescent Protein and Fluorophore Dye 
Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry 

Jacob Young 
Ion Affinity of Prions with Regards to Prion Diseases 
Advisor: Randy Coleman, Chemistry