Upperclass Monroe Projects Summer 2014

These upperclass Monroe research proposals were conducted in summer 2014. Click on the name to go to their blog posts.

Matthew Abel
Working in the Field: Shifting Concrete, Community Gardens, and Economies of Difference
Advisor: Bill Fisher, Anthropology

Sophia Alapati
Comorbidity of Trichotillomania and ADHD
Advisor: Jennifer Stevens, Psychology

Kyle Belfort
Measuring Ecosystem Processes of Zostera Eel Grass
Advisor: Emmett Duffy, VIMS

Anthony Bennici
Comparative Genomics of Helicobacter pylori
Advisor: Mark Forsyth, Biology

Elizabeth Bloxam
Myth and Memory: WWII Aftermath in France
Advisor: Michael Leruth, MLL

Noah Brooksher
Gender Roles in Children's Animation Programs
Advisor: Jennifer Putzi, English& GSWS

Alyssa Brown
An Anlysis of the Minimum Wage on Employment
Advisor: Peter McHenry, Economics

Sarah Caspari
Youth Political Activism under Dictatorship
Advisor: Silvia Tandeciarz, MLL

Giana Castellanos
The Shutdown: The European Economic Crisis
Advisor: Till Schreiber, Economics

Sean Chadwick
Auditory EEG Neurofeedback
Advisor: Paul Kieffaber, Psychology

Colleen Daszkiewicz
The Mapuche and Self-Construction of Themselves and the Environment
Advisor: Andrew Fisher, History

Charles deAzagra
Effect of Narcotics Liberalization Policy on Budgetary Enforcement Expenditures
Advisor: Will Hausman, Economics

Corynne Dech
Growing Networks with Positive and Negative Links
Advisor: Leah Shaw, Applied Science

Jeff Diamond
Inversive Theodicy
Advisor: Sergio Ferrarese, MLL

Emily Drake
The Neurological Basis for Religious Visions
Advisor: Randy Coleman, Chemistry

Sam Dunham
Investment, Unrest, and the Egyptian Revolution
Advisor: Lance Kent, Economics

Jack Edgar
The Effect of McDonaldization and Scale Development on the Establishment of a Sense of Community in Societal "Third Places"
Advisor: Todd Mooradian, Business

Anthony Finch
How Survey Method Affects Direct Spendign Reports at Sporting Events
Advisor: Tanujit Dey, Mathematics

Alex Frey
The Political Economy of New Jersey Transportation Monopolies
Advisor: Carol Sheriff, History

Alex Granato
The Human Reflection Project
Advisor: Brian Castleberry, English

Jasmin Green
Analysis of Williamsburg Viral Metagenomes
Advisor: Kurt Williamson, Biology

Malia Hain
The Barriers to Prescription Drugs
Advisor: Elizabeth Yost, Sociology

Andy Halleran
Prevention and Resolution of Huntingtin Protein Aggregation in S. cerevisae
Advisor: Oliver Kerscher, Biology

Duenya Hassan
Palestinian Women and Politics in the West Bank
Advisor: Tamara Sonn, Religious Studies

Alessandra Herman
Neural Encoding of Music
Advisor: Jamie Bartlett, Music

Hannah Hoff
Case Study of School's Impact on Students' Bodies
Advisor: Maryse Fauvel, MLL

Jiajun Hoo
Understanding Molecular Structure Using Multiple Quantum Coherences
Advisor: Tyler Meldrum, Chemistry

Daisy Horning
Reasons for the Moral Condemnation of Homosexuality: Explaining the Historical Intolerance of a Victimless Crime
Advisor: Lee Kirkpatrick, Psychology

Constance Hull
Difersifying the Workforce: Innovators who Employ Persons with Intellectual and Development Disabilities
Advisor: Sharon DeFur, Education

Jaclyn Iannucci
Differential Effects of Environmental Versus Psychosocial Stressors on Anxiety
Advisor: Robert Barnet, Psychology

Taylor James
Effects of Pilgrimage on Health and Exercise Attitudes
Advisor: M. Brennan Harris, Kinesiology

Natasha King
Creative Nonfiction Inspired by the Greater Puget Sound Area
Advisor: Carey Bagdassarian, Chemistry

Sarah Kleinknect
An Analysis of Health Care Systems in Two Countries Through Determining Public Satisfaction with Health Care Delivery
Advisor: Elizabeth Yost, Sociology

Akela Lacy
Peripheral Nations
Advisor: Tom Linneman, Sociology

Taylor Lain
Investigation of electrostatic and oxidation-reduction interactions of glycolytic enzymes with tubulin
Advisor: Lisa Landino

Ebony Lambert
An Exploration of the Relationships among Self-Esteem, Cultural Perception, and Beauty Norms in the Lives of African American Youth: Reviving Bigger Thomas and Pecola Breedlove
Advisor: Anne Charity Hudley, Linguistics

Avery Lim
Qualities of Effective Teachers in the US and China
Advisor: Leslie Grant, Education

Adriana Lopez-Piper
Unequal Opportunities and Unfair Outcomes: Analyzing Barriers to Academic Achievement for Minority Students
Advisor: Deenesh Sohoni, Sociology

John Loughton
"Man of Steel" and the Contemporary Superhero Soundscape
Advisor: Katherine Preston, Music

Evelyn Luner
Effects of Adolescent Nicotine on Context-Dependent Memory Retrieval
Advisor: Robert Barnet, Psychology

Alex McAuliffe
The Importance of Social Infrastructure and Community Capacity in Marginalized Communities: Social-Spatial Network Analysis in Esfuerzo, Dominican Republic
Advisor: David Aday, Sociology

Michael McCoy
Local Government Responsiveness in Uganda and Nepal
Advisor: Paula Pickering, Government

Katherine McGhee
Exploring Themes between the Bullying of Students with ASD and Communication and Leisure Technologies
Advisor: Sharon deFur, Education

Peter Menelly
100 Years Later: Studying the Repercussions of WWI in Belgium and France
Advisor: Michael Butler, History

Adam Mullet
Direct Experience in Indian Philosophy
Advisor: Mark McLaughlin, Religious Studies

Lirsen Myrtaj
The Role of Myth in Interethnic Relations in Kosovo
Advisor: Paula Pickering, Government

Sarah Nicholas
Neural Encoding of Music
Advisor: Jamie Bartlett, Music

Julia O'Connell
Evolution of the Epic
Advisor: Adam Potkay, English

Ana O'Harrow
Terrorist Radicalization and US Counter-Radicalization Efforts
Advisor: Jackson Sasser, Government

Daniel Perkes
Uncertainty, Temperature, and Pollution
Advisor: Nicholas Sanders, Economics

Anna Peyton
The Portrayal of Women in Photography
Advisor: Christy Burns, English

Timothy Planert
Economic Corruption in Post-Communist Europe
Advisor: John LoPresti, Economics

Yusheng Qin
Environmental Stimulus of the CrdRS Pathway of H. pylori
Advisor: Mark Forsyth, Biology

Allison Ramage
Analysis of the Environmental Economic Methods Used to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Germany and the United States
Advisor: Rui Pereira, Economics

Jonathan Rider
Technological Applications of Consumer Grade EEGs
Advisor: Peter Kemper, Computer Science

Barbara Rion
How to Master the Art of the Independent Cafe
Advisor: Lisa Szykman, Business

George Rudebusch
Evaluating Microfinance Projects in Kenya
Advisor: Heather Guthrie-Sokolowsky, Business

Edmund Saw
Comparative Analysis to Backlashes in Civil Rights Supreme Court Decisions
Advisor: Jackson Sasser, Government

Anuraag Sensharma
Evaluating and Applying Current Paradigms in Physics Education Research
Advisor: Josh Erlich, Physics

Jillian Sequeira
More Than Electric: The Rise of Tesla Motors
Advisor: Doug DeBerry, Biology / ENSP

Hannah Shenouda
Effect of Fluorine Substituents on THP Formation
Advisor: Rob Hinkle, Chemistry

Andrew Sherburne
Is Denmark Better Off Keeping the Krone?
Advisor: Lance Kent, Economics

Alexa Silva
Catalysts for Hydrogen Generation in Artificial Photosynthesis
Advisor: William McNamara, Chemistry

Owen Sitler
Evolution of American Poetry from World War II through Vietnam
Advisor: Henry Hart, English

Blair Stuhlmuller
Islands Under Seige: The Cultural Ramifications of Disruptive Natural Phenomena in Japan and Hawaii
Advisor: William Fisher, Anthropology

Paige Stuhlmuller
How the Chesapeake Bay and the Continental Shelf Interact: Exploring Circulation Patterns Over Time
Advisor: Donglai Gong, VIMS

Molly Teague
Biological Control of an Invasie Grass Species
Advisor: Matthias Leu, Biology

Stephanie Till
Models of the metal scavenger metallothionein
Advisor: Debbie Bebout, Chemistry

Maia Tinder
Investigating Rates of Depression and its Treatment in Childhood Cancer Survivors
Advisor: Scott Ickes, Kinesiology & Health Science

Abigail Trevor
Irish Republicanism and the French in Connacht
Advisor: Kathrin Levitan, History

Hannah Tucker
Tobacco's Profitability: Britain and Early America
Advisor: Scott Nelson, History

Nicholas Udell
Recovery of NMR Relaxation Data via Algorithms
Advisor: Tyler Meldrum, Chemistry

Morgan Uland
An Inquiry Into Giant Viruses in Soil and Water
Advisor: Kurt Williamson, Biology

Sarah Volz
An Electrophysiological Study of Parental Influences on Children's Attentional Biases to Smoking-Related Cues
Advisor: Catherine Forestell, Psychology

Claire Weaver
"The Police in Different Voices": the Role of Detective Fiction in T.S. Eliot's Works
Advisor: Henry Hart, English

Nick White
Advisor: Adam Potkay, English

Cheyenne Williams
Characterization of the role of Tweety genes in embryonic development
Advisor: Margaret Saha, Biology

Catherine Wise
Nickel Catalysts for Hydrogen Generation
Advisor: William McNamara, Chemistry

Ryan Yan
Visualizing the Mechanism of SUMO & Ubiquitin Crosstalk
Advisor: Oliver Kerscher, Biology

Kimberly Zamuda
Factors explaining population turnover in pond breeding frogs
Advisor: Matthias Leu, Biology

Wanji Zhang
Immobilization of Catalysts on TiO2 Semiconductor
Advisor: William McNamara, Chemistry

Mark Zuschlag
Experience through Gaming: What Games Can Teach Us
Advisor: Peter Kemper, Computer Science