Upperclass Monroe Projects Summer 2013

These upperclass Monroe research proposals have been approved for summer 2013.  Click on the name to go to their blog posts.
* = pending StudentIRB Review 

Christopher Arthur
PersonalityPerspectives: A Comparative Analysis 
Project Advisor: Michael Nichols, Psychology 

Gerardo Ayala
Honeycomb Networks in Copper (I)
Project Advisor: Robert Pike, Chemistry 

Matthew Baker
Analysis and Creative Study of Oulipian Texts 
Project Advisor: Maryse Fauvel, French and Francophone Studies

Elisa Ballschneider
Julia Wellhausen and the Documentary Hypothesis - Changes in 19th Century Intellectual Culture
Project Advisor: Tuska Benes, History 

Katherine Barlow
Pest Doctors of the Great Plague of Marseille
Project Advisor: Ron Schechtor, History 

Sierra Barnes
Verweile Doch: A Re-Imagianing of the Faust Myth
Project Advisor: Rob Leventhal, German 

Hanna Bartram
Geologic Mapping in the Lyman Quadrangle, Utah
Project Advisor: Chuck Bailey, Geology

Tyler Bembenek
Medieval Warfare Simulation
Project Advisor: Phil Daileader, History 

Colleen Betti
Yard Areas and Middens: The Creation of Social Space and Landscape by the Enslaved at Fairfield Plantation
Project Advisor: Neil Norman, Anthropology 

Claire Bobst
Use of a Rescaling Variable to Study Dynamical Systems
Project Advisor: Sarah Day, Mathematics 

Lauren Boulay
Role of Jak-STAT Signaling in Cyst Stem Cell Establishment in Developing Drosophila Testis
Project Advisor: Paul Heideman, Biology 

Alana Burton
Sodium-22 as a Method for Dating Groundwater
Project Advisor: Heather Macdonald, Geology

Gregory Callaghan
Theatres as Instruments of Identity
Project Advisor: Jessica Paga, Classical Studies 

Rachel Cheche
Positive Effects of Primary Education in Developing Communities
Project Advisor: Victoria Foster, Education 

Michael Curcio
Agricultural Sustainability in Burkina Faso 
Project Advisor: Dennis Taylor, VIMS

Jacob Daniels
Effect of Embryonic Ethanol Exposure on Adult Pavlovian Conditioning in Danio rerio
Project Advisor: Pam Hunt, Psychology

Stephanie Davis
Renaissance Fairs and Who Works There
Project Advisor: Charles McGovern, American Studies 

Yuhao Du
Impacts of Social Media on Chinese Governance
Project Advisor: T.J. Cheng, Government 

Erin Faltermeier
The Effect of Problem Definition on Energy Policy
Project Advisor: Larry Evans, Government

Ashley Fidler
BMP Regulation of  Germline Stem Cell Development
Project Advisor: Matthew Wawersik, Biology

Nicole Fitchett
Native Language vs. Culture on Learning English
Project Advisor: Erin Ament, Linguistics

Diana Floegel
Morality and Gender in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
Project Advisor: Sarah Glosson, Music

Kara Gadeken
A Study of Predation Rates on Amphipod Crustaceans in Varied Habitats in The Chesapeake Bay Estuary System
Project Advisor: Jon Allen, Biology 

Rebecca Gallahue
Latino Immigration and Law Enforcement in Virginia
Project Advisor: Jennifer Bickham-Mendez, Sociology 

Madeline Grimm
American Women Novelists and Female Education
Project Advisor: Jim Whittenburg. History 

Sarah Hakkenberg
New Stationary Phases for Gas Chromatography
Project Advisor:  Gary Rice, Chemistry

Rosemary Hall
Robert Burns: His Poems and Politics
Project Advisor: Colleen Kennedy, English 

Clay Harris
Modeling the Impact of Anthropogenic Land-Use Changes on Sediment Loading and Eutrophication in Lake Victoria
Project Advisor: Stuart Hamilton,  Environmental Science & Policy

Luke Hart-Moynihan
 California's Proposition 37: Why It Was Proposed, Why It Failed, and What this Means for GMOs, Our Food, and Us
Project Advisor: Hiroshi Kitamura, History 

Lexi Hartley
A New Curriculum for African History: Grades 9-12
Project Advisor:  Jeremy Stoddard, Education

Sharon Hartzell
Land Use Impacts on Metal Accumulation in Vegetation
Project Advisor: James Kaste, Geology

Michael Hibshman
Lake Volta and Divergent Developmental Trends in Ghana
Project Advisor: Philip Roessler, Government 

Daniel Higgins
Mating Defined: Development of a Stochastic Model for Human Mate Choice
Project Advisor: Jennifer Stevens, Psychology 

Isabel Hirama
Moral Metacognition in the USA and Taiwan
Project Advisor:  Michael Pacella, Philosophy

Samuel Kennedy
The Causes of TANF Restrictions: What Part do Demographics and Party Control Play?
Project Advisor: Chris Howard, Government 

Julia Kihm
Effect of Mercury on Zebra Finch Nestling Mortality
Project Advisor: Dan Cristol, Biology 

Catherine King
Accurately Modeling Zooplankton Mortality Rates
Project Advisor: Drew LaMar, Biology 

Kristin Kurtz
Comparing Educational Practices in Two Countries
Project Advisor: Gail McEachron, Education 

Matthew Lamb
A Critical Examination of Hume's Naturalist Philosophy
Project Advisor: Elizabeth Radcliffe, Philosophy

Rachel Lienesch
Winning Strategies: An Investigation of How Political Organizations Decide Which Congressional Races to Play In 
Project Advisor: Larry Evans. Government 

Matthew Litovitz
The European Union: When Will it Be Real?
Project Advisor: Will Hausman, Economics 

Hanna Loucas
Expansion of Corte Inglés into the U.S
Project Advisor: Todd Mooradian, Business 

Yvonne Mack
Degradation of Polyamide-11 in Acidic Environments
Project Advisor: David Kranbuehl, Chemistry 

Gabriel Manion
The effects of Elite Framing and Messaging on Polarization of Mass Political Attitudes
Project Advisor: Jaime Settle, Government 

Jonathan Maza
Unnatural Amino Acids as a Means of Developing Novel Labeling Probes
Project Advisor: Doug Young, Chemistry 

Sophia Mortensen
The Reconstruction of the Vienna State Opera House
Project Advisor: Rob Leventhal, German 

Blakely Mulder
The Brains Behind Brains: How Neuropsychologists Work to Understand the Diseases of Today
Project Advisor: Paul Kieffaber, Psychology

Carly O'Connell
A Witch by Any Other Name: A Linguistic Analysis of Witch Passages in the Bible and Their Impact on Society
Project Advisor: Julie Galambush, Religious Studies 

Alex Olson
An Epistemology of Tradition in the works of René Guénon
Project Advisor: Monica Potkay, English

Sarah Overton
“The Pornification of Protest”: SlutWalk, U.S. Feminism, and Contemporary Sexual Politics
Project Advisor: Leisa Meyer, History 

Samantha Payne
The Founding Fathers and the Great Bank Debate
Project Advisor: Scott Nelson, History 

Elizabeth Pelletier
Learning In Harm’s Way: The Effects of Neighborhood Violence on School Performance
Project Advisor: Paul Manna, Government 

Kevin Place
Imagining the Financial Crisis in Contemporary Irish Drama
Project Advisor: Richard Palmer, Theatre 

Laura Pugh
Defining the influence of maternal capacities on the adoption of essential child survival interventions inMalawi and Uganda
Project Advisor: Scott Ickes, Kinesiology and Health Science

Benjamin Raliski
The Effect of Microwave Radiation on Organic Synthesis and Biochemical Reactions
Project Advisor: Doug Young, Chemistry

Gregory Ranzini
Crime, Culture, and Copies
Project Advisor: Sarah Stafford, Economics 

Meg Riechers
Multisensory Integration in Emotional Processing
Project Advisor: Paul Kieffaber, Psychology

Hannah Ritsema
Wheels at William & Mary: An Adventure in Accessibility
Project Advisor: Liz Allison, Biology / Bev Sher, Biology

Marni Robins
Fish Markets and Sources in Mediterranean Cities
Project Advisor: Sarah Glaser, Biology 

Jasmine Rodenburg
NGO Efficacy in Environmental Mitigation Projects
Project Advisor: Mark Buntaine, Government 

Tanner Russo
Life Beyond the Bench: The Literary Agenda of Supreme Court Justices
Project Advisor: Chris Nemacheck, Government 

*Serena Saffarini
Case Study: Rhode Island Race to the Top Programs
Project Advisor: Paul Manna, Government 

Sarah Schuessler
“Symphony of Science”
Project Advisor: Brian Hulse, Music 

Jordan Scott
Composition of Three Musical Pieces
Project Advisor:  Brian Hulse, Music

Kate Shipman
Accurately Modeling Zooplankton Mortality Rates
Project Advisor: Drew LaMar, Biology

Meagan Smith
The African American Protest Novel: Construing Identity
Project Advisor: Melanie Dawson, English 

Erin Spencer
Invasive Lionfish: Management on a Local Level
Project Advisor: Sarah Glaser, Biology 

Rebecca Stanford
The Probabilities of Gambling
Project Advisor: Ross Iaci, Mathematics

Catherine Strycharz
Waiting for a ‘Yes’: An Examination of Marriage Proposals in Victorian Novels
Project Advisor: Suzanne Raitt, English 

Sara Suarez
Screen Poetry: Translating Poetic Forms into the Language of Film
Project Advisor: Brian Castleberry, English 

Grace Taumoefolau
Development of Dual-­colored Fluorescent pH Sensor
Project Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron, Chemistry

Gregory Tito
A Survey of Contemporary Catholic Environmental Ethics
Project Advisor: Jacob Goodson, Religious Studies 

Alana Toabe
Shield Devices: The Message behind the Miniature Man
Project Advisor: John Oakley, Classical Studies

Claire Tocheny
Effects of Low Dose, Nonlethal Levels of Methylmercury (MeHg) on Calcium Homeostasis inZebra Finches 
Project Advisor: Dan Cristol, Biology 

Elana Urbach
Production and Detection of Ultracold Molecules
Project Advisor: Seth Aubin, Physics 

Katherine Wagner
Osteological Analysis of 18th Century Dog Remains
Project Advisor: Neil Norman, Anthropology 

Rasik Winfield
Educating the Children of Sex Workers in India
Project Advisor: Chitralekha Zutshi, History

Cady Wiltsie
Economic Queues: Classical & Behavioral Economics
Project Advisor: Don Campbell, Economics 

Emily Wolfteich
“First Radio, then Shoes”: The Role of Radio in Post­‐conflict Rwanda
Project Advisor: Phil Roessler, Government 

Natalie Wong
A Painting Safari: Finding Color in the Colorless
Project Advisor: John Lee, Art & Art History 

Deborah Wood
Mathematicians during the ‘Abbasid Dynasty
Project Advisor: Ayfer Stump, History 

Petar Yanev
Attentional Processes in the Basal Forebrain
Project Advisor: Josh Burk, Psychology 

Ouwen Yang
The Effects of Lofexidine on the firing rates of Thermally Classified Neurons of the Anterior Hypothalamus in Rats
Project Advisor: John Griffin, Biology 

Hong Yu
A Comparative Study on the English Translation of Chinese Poetry
Project Advisor: Yanfang Tang, Chinese